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Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 1 - ep. 6: We Need Tenchi

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Muyou: We Need Tenchi (OVA Series 1, Episode 6)

1. Close shot of Tenchi's blood soaked scarf in Aeka's hands cut. (However when Ryouko brought the scarf on board it was shown in all its bloody glory. Unlike the last episode there was no digital reduction of the quantity of blood on the scarf.)

2. Ryouko's "I will kill Kagato!" changed to "I will get Kagato!" Second time changed to "I will destroy him!"

3. Scene of Kagato leaving his throne and sitting at the organ cut.

4. Scene of Ryouko examining the stone wall for an entrance cut.

5. Minor shots of Ryouko, Aeka and Mihoshi moving towards Kagato's chapel cut.

6. Scene of Washuu examining and evaluating Ryouko's body cut.

7. Washuu's "On top of that you want to do 'this and that' with Tenchi" cut.

8. Aeka's dream sequence shortened to remove shots of her nudity. Purple digital paint used to cover remaining nude shots.

9. Scene of false Youshou attempting to merge with Aeka cut.

10. Duel between Ryouko and Kagato shortened.

11. Scene of Washuu trying to explain the Reverse World to Mihoshi cut.

12. Spray of blood digitally removed when Kagato slams Ryouko into the pillar.

13. Scene of Washuu suggesting to Mihoshi and Aeka that they all pray cut.

14. Scene of Washuu declaring that Tenchi can create Light Hawk Wings and that she'll make Tenchi hers cut.

This episode was largely cut for time. Other than Aeka's nudity there wasn't anything objectionable or problematic to require editing. So small snippets of scenes were removed to bring the episode within the half hour plus commercials set aside for it.


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