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Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 2 - ep. 4: Advent of the Goddess

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 2: Advent of the Goddess

1. Scene of Tenchi undergoing another Washuu lab analysis shortened.

2. Scene of Tenchi asking Washuu if he needed to remove his clothes cut.

3. Sasami's "She went out a while ago to buy some sake" changed to "She went out a while ago to buy some tea". (Tell me you're not being fooled by these.)

4. Aeka's "She probably drank it all on the way and fell asleep, as usual" changed to "I really wouldn't count on her coming straight home, you know. I know her".

5. Not an Edit... Coronary Alert. Scene of Washuu testing and commenting on the sensitivity of Aeka's breasts intact. (Considering the edits that have been made so far I cannot fathom the circumstances that allowed this scene to be left in.)

6. Washuu's "Your breasts are sagging" changed to "Your body's sagging".

7. Scene of Mihoshi and Ryououki playing catch with Washuu's scanner cut. (Odd cut since this scene was used as the Mihoshi promo when TM was first aired on Toonami.)

8. Scene of Ryouko hovering over the house receiving orders from Dr. Clay cut.

9. Long cut. Scene of the gang having dinner and being distracted by Ryouko's strange behavior cut.

10. Repeat scene of young Tenchi peeing in front of the cave while spectral Ryouko watches cut.

11. Long cut. Scene of Ryouko and Washuu taking a bath together cut. (This was an important scene as this is when Washuu discovers Ryouko is an imposter as well as who she's working for.)

This episode demonstrates the greatest danger in trying to edit anime to US broadcast standards. Because of nudity this episode lost a scene wherein a key piece of information was revealed.


Washuu discovers Ryouko is an imposter in the bath because Zero/Ryouko has Dr. Clay's monogram on her butt.


Even the digital bikini could not solve this little problem.


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