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Tenchi Universe - ep. 3: No Need for Worries

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe: No Need for Worries

1. Not an Edit... Ryouko says "damn it" on the roof. (I guess they still didn't fix this one.)

2. Ryouko's "The baby I made with Tenchi" changed to "The baby I'll raise with my Tenchi".

3. Ryouko's "...Tenchi and I made love and this egg here was born" changed to "...Tenchi and I are in love and this egg here is ours".

4. Aeka's "Made love...!?" changed to "In love...!?"

Amazingly in all the times the TM cycle was run Ryouko's "damn it" remains intact. I guess there's some hope in the world after all. Anyway it's not hard to see what the problem area in this episode was. I would have thought that any child old enough to be in Toonami's target demographic would have had "The Talk" with their parents already.


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