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The Edit List
InuYasha - Intro

by Kyle Pope,

Once again Cartoon Network doesn't fail to surprise me. Inuyasha has debuted and will be running in the US while it is still in production and airing in Japan. The Japanese viewers are some 80+ episodes ahead of us so it will be a while before we catch up. I've seen enough of Inuyasha to know that edits are forthcoming. Many of the episodes are dark and violent. And Miroku provides enough sexual innuendo to keep the censors on their toes.

Unfortunately the first Inuyasha DVD doesn't become available until November so the edit lists for the series will have to wait until then. But even without the DVDs I can tell you that the centipede demon in the first episode did undergo a digital double mastectomy. But that was to be expected.

So enjoy Inuyasha as it airs and come November I will be keeping you informed as to what you are not seeing on Adult Swim.

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