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InuYasha - ep. 1

by Kyle Pope,

The first Inuyasha DVD has hit the street and now I can start on a new series of edit lists. And it's going to be a long series of lists. Even while Inuyasha is airing on CN's Adult Swim it is still going strong in Japan and is still in production there. The series must be approaching 100 episodes by now. Given that Inuyasha is enjoying some ratings success it is likely that Viz will be bringing every last one of them over, including the two movies (one released, one in production as of this writing). So far CN is treating the show quite well with minimum edits in the first three episodes. I hope this trend continues because Inuyasha does get quite intense in the later episodes.

Inuyasha: The Girl Who Overcame Time...and the Boy Who was just Overcome.

1) Shot of Kagome first seeing the Centipede Demon while falling through the well cut.

2) Centipede Demon's breasts digitally removed.

So far this looks good. Other than the Centipede Demon's breasts being removed there were no edits to this episode. They even included Kikyo's blood from her wounds. It is possible that the success of the Adult Swim block has emboldened CN to take greater risks with what they'll leave in the shows that air there.

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