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The Edit List
International Channel and Anime Unleashed Edit Lists

by Kyle Pope,
International Channel and Anime Unleashed Edit Lists.

As some of you may have noticed there are no lists of edits to anime airing on The International Channel and on Tech TV's Anime Unleashed. There's a reason for this: There are no edits to list.

To date The International Channel has made no edits whatsoever to the anime they air up to and including Fushigi Yuugi. If you recall one of their earlier anime festivals even the nudity in Sailor Victory was left intact. As for Anime Unleashed I have yet to find any edits in the episodes of Serial Experiments Lain that they have aired as of this writing. Even the word "shit" was left in. That's cable for you. Granted that there is very little in the way of sensitive material in either Lain or Crest of the Stars but this bodes well for the future of anime on TV. About the only complaint of note is an excessive number of commercial interruptions during Anime Unleashed.

The number of anime outlets is increasing on TV but at the moment Cartoon Network remains on top due to the sheer quantity of anime on their schedule. Unfortunately Cartoon Network also edits its anime for content. But indications are the standards are loosening up. We'll have to see how things are handled on ADV's Anime Network when it becomes available in my neck of the woods.

So you have at least two sources available to you where the blue pencils and scissors of the censors have no power.

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