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InuYasha - ep. 5, 6 & 7

by Kyle Pope,
Inuyasha, Episodes 5: Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshoumaru

1) Scene of dismembered wolf corpses cut.

With all the mayhem they've let slide for this series you have to wonder why
CN would edit this scene. Otherwise this episode aired virtually intact.

Inuyasha, Episode 6: Tetsusaiga, The Phantom Sword

1) Not an Edit... Un-Mother's bare breast left in.

2) Scene of bare-breasted Un-Mother absorbing Inuyasha cut.

3) Shot of Inuyasha falling free of the Un-Mother cut.

4) Scene of Un-Mother's severed head being destroyed by Sesshomaru cut.

A rather confused series of cuts. We can see one of the Un-Mother's breasts
but not both of them. We can see the Un-Mother's entire body get blown
apart but not her head. Interestingly it was only the Un-Mother that
attracted the attention of the censors at all.

Inuyasha, Episode 7: Showdown! Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru

1) Completely unedited.

Not surprising. This episode was strictly a stand-up fight between Inuyasha
and his brother with Kagome as the cheering section and defended object. It
was surprising though that Sesshomaru was allowed to bleed as much as he

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