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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 8 & 9

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 8: A New Battle

1) Not an Edit... Actual gambling is depicted.

2) Shot of Yoita doubled over and dying cut.

3) Blood spray from Beshimi's dart hits to Ginji and Tomo digitally removed.

4) Not an Edit... Megumi refers to Kaoru as being Kenshin's lover.

5) Not an Edit... Thugs' "We won't screw up again..." left in.

6) Blood spray from Beshimi's dart hit to Yahiko's arm digitally removed.

7) Not an Edit... Bloodstains left on Yahiko's stricken arm.

Strange series of edits. Outlaw Star had Gene and Jim's poker game turned into a game of Go Fish. A betting scene in Tenchi Muyou was completely cut. But now we've got a scene of Sanosuke playing dice in its entirety. Has another taboo fallen by the wayside?

Interesting that Megumi got to use the term "lover". Gundam 0083 (which was edited to Toonami standards) completely toned down Kou's interest in Nina to the high school sweethearts level.

Rurouni Kenshin 09: The Strongest Group of Ninjas

1) Shot of dying Yoita cut.

2) Blood spray from Beshimi's dart hits to Yahiko digitally removed.

3) Smoke and glowing tip of Kanryu's cigar digitally removed.

4) Not an Edit... Kanryu's cigar smoke left in.

5) Kanryu's cigar smoke once again digitally removed.

6) Subtitle translating Megumi's name on her letter digitally removed.

Kanryu should be able to afford cigars that stay lit.

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