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Trigun - ep. 8, 9 & 10

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 08: And Between Wasteland and Sky

1) Completely unedited.

We're up to three episodes now.

Trigun 09: Murder Machine

1) Not an Edit... All of the religious aspects of Nicholas D. Wolfwood are left intact.

2) Wolfwood's "Oh shit!" when he realizes he's facing the guard machines unarmed cut.

I feel a lot better about Trigun now. Wolfwood is intact. I'm surprised given that religion has been a delicate subject on Cartoon Network. I can only hope now that CN won't draw too much heat from certain corners as Wolfwood is not the most flattering portrayal of a priest.

Trigun 10: Quick Draw

1) First Quick Draw contestant's "Shit!" when he misses the bottles muted out.

2) Shot of derringer being placed against Vash's temple cut from the preview.

This gun-to-the-head prohibition seems a little ridiculous given the context of Trigun not to mention Cowboy Bebop.

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