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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 35

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 35: Conquered Village

1) Shot of Misao's tobikunai pinning the snake to a tree trunk cut.

2) Shot of Misao berating Kenshin cropped to remove shot of wriggling snake pinned to the tree trunk.

3) Blood, bruises and wounds digitally removed from Eichirou as Kenshin comforts him in his dying moments. (This was one hell of a clean up job. Eichirou had been reduced to little more than hamburger.)

4) Eiji's "Now that my brother's dead I have to save them" changed to "I have to save them" as he approaches Eichirou's grave. (We saw Eichirou die and we saw his grave several times yet Eiji can't acknowledge that his brother is dead?)

5) Shots of the bloody suspended corpses and the blood soaked ground beneath them cut as well as Kenshin's description of how they were killed.

6) Additional shots of the bodies and blood cut as Eiji screams at recognizing his parents.

7) Troop Leader's "Of course we were the ones who hung them" after Kenshin asks why the couple were killed cut.

8) Shot of Saitou stabbing the charging trooper through the back of the head before he reaches Misao cut.

9) Shot of Saitou flicking the dead trooper's blood from his blade cut.

10) Bloody feet of the suspended couple digitally removed as Eiji walks up to the scaffold.

11) Bloody foot of corpse digitally removed as Eiji stands by the scaffold during the argument with the villagers.

12) Shot of Kenshin walking up to the scaffold before he passes Eiji cut.

Despite the editing it was a gutsy move on CN's part to air this episode. The themes of torture and grisly death topped by a young boy confronted with the murder of his entire family and the scars it clearly left on him is not your usual Toonami fare.

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