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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 42

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 42: The Formation of an Alliance

1) During Shishio's dialogues with Houji all references to Hell have been replaced with references to Hades.

2) Shishio's "Why don't I give you a baptism" changed to "Why don't I give you an initiation" to Houji before burning him with his hand.

3) Blood digitally removed from Okina's wrist under where Aoshi cut through his tonfa.

4) Shot of Aoshi's kodachi impaling Okina's left hand cut.

5) Blood vomit and spray digitally removed from silhouette of Okina as he collapses from his wounds.

6) Negative shot of Misao's face behind a shower of blood as she witnesses Okina's defeat cut.

7) Blood digitally removed from Okina's face as he lies on the floor after the battle.

I guess Shishio can't get lucky twice. This time not a single Hell slipped past the censors. I am amused though that in a show rife with Buddhist and Shinto imagery and ritual the sole religious objection was to the word "babptism". Not all religions are edited equally.

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