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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 47

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 47: Crash! The Lethal Punch, Futae no Kiwami

1) Not an Edit... Houji's "After I underwent that baptism of fire..." to Shishio left in. (The word "baptism" was initially edited out of episode #42 where the scene initially took place.)

2) Sound of Houji's finger being broken by Usui muted from the sound track. (However they did show Houji's broken and distorted finger.)

3) Shot of Houji impaling his own hand with a tantou in apology to the Juppongatana replaced by an extended shot of Iwanbou and Kamatari.

4) Shot of dead woman pierced by a katana cut from images over Anji's opening speech.

5) Not an Edit... Shot of Saitou taking a puff from his lit cigarette left in.

6) Second shot of Saitou taking a puff from his cigarette cut.

7) Not an Edit... Negative shot of Sanosuke spitting up blood after Anji's attack left in.

8) Shot of Sanosuke holding his mouth with his bloody hand going from negative to positive as Anji demands he give up replaced with an extended shot of Anji.

9) Not an Edit... Shot of Saitou holding his lit cigarette left in.

10) Not an Edit... Blood remains on Sanosuke's hand as the camera pans up his back.

11) Sanosuke's bloody fist digitally held at the bottom of the frame instead of slowly rising to cover Anji as Sanosuke challenges Anji's values.

12) Not an Edit... Blood remains on Sanosuke's fist and at the corner of his mouth.

13) Not an Edit... Close-up of Saitou's lit cigarette left in.

14) Shot of Saitou tamping out his cigarette and tossing the butt to the floor replaced with extended shots of Saitou's and Kenshin's faces.

15) Negative shot of Anji vomitting blood after Sanosuke's fist connects cut.

16) Not an Edit... Shot of Anji coughing up blood as he tries to get up left in.

17) Shot of hands reaching up through burning debris cut from Anji's flashbacks.

There's a new battle that has been introduced to the Kyoto arc. Saitou and his smoking habit are going up against the censors at Cartoon Network. It looks like Saitou won this round.

Kyle Pope

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