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Blue Gender 14

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 14: Set

1) High Councilor's "Perhaps taking the injured sample is the only way she can get a sexual partner" after Marlene is asked what she intends to do with Yuji by the High Council cut.

2) Rick's "Hey come on. Calling brigade members by their code numbers doesn't have much sex appeal" followed by Amick's "Don't get too familiar with her" after Rick comments on how well Marlene reacts to Yuji during the drill cut.

3) Amick's "I'm glad you feel that way because I'd like you to join me in my quarters later this evening" as she grabs Rick's ass followed by Alicia's "Oh! great. I hope that's not the only way to move up the ranks in this army" after Rick comments on his liking strong women cut. (This was one of my favorite scenes too. My opinion of Amick was completely turned around and I actually started liking her after this scene.)

I can understand that you can't broadcast actual depictions of sex but I don't understand editing out scenes of people only talking about it or use of the word "sex" itself. Somebody seems to be playing it a little too safe in the editing room.

Kyle Pope

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