The Edit List
Blue Gender 18-20

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 18: Chaos

1) Shot of Yuji blasting the viscera out of a Blue during Marlene's nightmare cut.

2) Scene of Rick showing Marlene Brenda and Su making out before Miyagi walks in and interrupts cut.

3) Shot of Brenda and Su having sex cut from montage of Yuji's battle footage as Miyagi reviews the data disc.

Not much to edit out of this episode. The space episodes of Blue Gender were comparatively quiet. But that's about to change. And sex is still a no-go.

Blue Gender 19: Collapse

1) Scene of Yuji carving up the two Blue that were attacking him as Marlene watches shortened.

This was a waste of an edit. This episode could have been aired completely unedited. It's not as if what was cut was something they haven't been showing already.

Blue Gender 20: Versus

1) Shot of Brenda's dead aide as the wounded Brenda leaves the wrecked command vehicle cut.

2) Shot of Brenda being cut in half at the waist by an overflying Blue cut.

Edit #1 was unusual given all the other corpses we saw. And what was the point of edit #2. Granted seeing a person cut in half is gruesome but the scene was nowhere near as violent as Yuji's rampage against the Blue before Marlene manages to reel him in.

Kyle Pope

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