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Yu Yu Hakusho 36 & 37

by Mike Majeski,
36. Ambition Destroyed: A Trail of Light

1. The tears of blood on the doctor's fighters' faces have been removed.

2. Yusuke's “It'd be better if I could kill you, Ichigaki!” – CUT.

3. Yusuke's reflection “It's just like an energy bomb in his hand.” changed to “Oh please. I can see now, remember. You should at least try a different pattern.”

4. Yusuke's “Only two of the blades are real! The others must be tricks to confuse us.” changed to “Come on guys, this is the thanks I get for giving you a second chance.”

5. Yusuke's “And jerk number three! Looks like we're featuring the old energy javelin.” changed to “Yeah, yeah! You swing right, I go left. Why are you still trying this crap?” (Wow, they added the word “crap” when it wasn't even in the script before editing)

6. Koto's “Absolutely amazing! Suddenly wonder boy Yusuke is taking on the whole team by himself.” changed to “What's the deal? Yusuke gets us all excited with his spirit gun threat and now piddling around and letting them attack?”

7. Yusuke's “It's been real fun, but I'll see you in hell. Remind me to apologize to you there” as he gets ready to finish off the Doctor's fighters with his Spirit Gun– CUT.

8. Scene where the masked fighter is running across the ring before jumping up to stop Yusuke – CUT.

9. Yusuke's “Damn, and here I was thinking I was impressive!” changed to “And here I was thinking I was impressive!” after the Masked Fighter starts her Spirit Wave attack.

10. Yusuke's “What the hell was that?” after the Masked Fighter's attack – CUT.

11. Yusuke's “Hey! Asshole!” changed to “Hey! Ichigaki!” as he confronts the doctor.

12. NOT AN EDIT – Dr. Ichigaki pulling out a syringe and injecting himself with mutagen left in. (I know it's important to the story, but I find it strange considering Toonami's attitude towards drugs)

13. Scene where Ichigaki slices Yusuke's arm – CUT.

14. Blood streaming out of the gash in Yusuke's arm as he is thrown backwards – REMOVED

15. Close-up of Yusuke's wound – CUT.

16. As Yusuke lands, the cut on his arm is removed (even though he's clutching it like something's wrong)

17. Koto's “Yusuke's back up! Despite the delicious outpouring of blood from his arm! And what's more, he's asking Hiei to withdraw! Does he really want to take this beast on by himself?” – CUT.

18. Yusuke's “And this one's for screwing with their master!” changed to “And this one's for messing with their master!” as he is beating up Ichigaki.

19. Yusuke's “And this is for my friend who felt sorry for them and got his ass kicked into the ground.” changed to “This next one is a personal favorite. It's for the guy who got his rear kicked for trying to save their lives.”

20. Yusuke's “And the last one's for me! Just for pissing me off!” changed to “And the last one's for me! Just for ticking me off!”

21. Kai's (M-3) “Damn it. Why couldn't she just killed us!” changed to “Why couldn't she just kill us!” on reflection of all the things they did while under the control of the doctor.

22. Boton's “Well folks, its official!” in response to Kuwabara announcing that he wasn't dead yet – CUT.

23. One panning scene of the crowd – CUT. (All because one demon is flipping our heroes off)

24. Yusuke's “Oh, shove it where it hurts!” in response to the crowd chanting “Kill Yusuke” – CUT.

What are the censors thinking? Why did they completely rewrite the first conflict in this episode when they didn't have to? This fight is basically a recap of the fight in the previous episode. And the fact that they allowed a taboo word like “crap” into this episode when it wasn't there originally is even more confusing. I guess they tried to make it look like a continuation of the fight and not just a replay of what was already covered. Perhaps they also haven't heard the saying, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

The other big surprise was when Dr. Ichigaki pulled out a syringe and injected himself with mutagen, especially considering Toonami's standard of eliminating most references to drugs, even when drugs are shown in a bad light.

37. Master of Disguise

1. Yusuke's “Shinobi? So what the hell does that mean” changed to “Shinobi? You're going to need to explain that one.” in response to Kurama's saying what they team Masho is.

2. Yusuke's “As long as they don't grab my balls and make me cough.” changed to “As long as they don't make me turn my head and make me cough.” In response to being told to go to the “medical” tent.

3. Yusuke's “Scratch that.” changed to “Hello.” After seeing the “nurse”

4. Yusuke's “Damn it! What's happening to them Kurama?” changed to “What's happening to them Kurama?” after Hiei and the Masked Fighter are trapped in the medical tent.

5. Scene where Ruka removes her nurses inform to reveal a different costume – CUT.

6. Yusuke's reaction to the change and the slow pan up Ruka's body – CUT.

7. Scene showing a full body shot of Ruka, with Hiei and the masked fighter in the background, changed to a close-up of Ruka.

8. Yusuke's “Give me my damn team back!” changed to “Just give me my team back!” trying to get Hiei and the Masked Fighter released.

9. Extra bands added to Ruka's costume to fully cover her cleavage, top and bottom.

10. Yusuke's “What the hell is this!?” changed to “Oh, this is just stupid!” as he goes to confront Koto about the Medical restrictions.

11. Jin's “I don't give a damn. Somebody else go.” changed to “Somebody else go,” after the committee's fix of the fight.

12. Gama's “Disgusting isn't it? The way humans manage to bastardize everything they touch.” changed to “Disgusting isn't it? The way humans manage to ruin everything they touch.” In regards to makeup.

13. Scene where Kurama cuts off Gama's hand with his Rose Whip – CUT.

14. NOT AN EDIT – Stylized scenes of Karama taking Gama apart left in.

15. Scene where Gama starts to bleed from his numerous wounds – CUT.

16. Gama's “But... The Makeup... of Chains... ” as he bleeds from his many wounds – CUT.

17. Kurama's “Only an amateur depends on arms and legs for victory.” – CUT.

18. Scene of Kurama standing and Gama kneeling (and bleeding) – CUT.

19. Yusuke's “Way to go Kurama! One Down!” – CUT.

20. Koto's “An unbelievable 180, people! Kurama has somehow taken control of this fight!” – CUT.

21. Gama's “Damn you! Don't take the credit for this. I've killed myself today by the mistake of not sealing your energy as well.” As he continues to bleed heavily – CUT.

22. Kurama's “Don't waste your breath in conversation. I know with the power you're using to restrain me you could easily heal your injuries. Release me and I will let you walk away with your life.” – CUT.

23. Gama's “Convincing, aren't you? But the battle isn't over yet.” – CUT.

24. Kurama's “Even with my arms and legs bound, you are in no shape to fight me. Don't die pointlessly, Gama. You're too intelligent for that,” – CUT.

25. Gama's “I appreciate your confidence!” as he staggers forward and tries to punch Kurama, and in effect only bleeds on him – CUT.

26. Scene where after Gama misses the punch, he staggers and almost falls – CUT.

27. Kurama's “Don't move. You'll bleed to death if you keep trying to fight.” Right before Gama throws another punch, and misses. Bleeding more on Kurama – CUT.

28. Kurama's “It's of no use. Be wise.” – CUT.

29. Scenes where Gama throws one punch after another (even when his arm comes apart at the forearm) but only his blood is landing on Kurama. But the blood spattering on Kurama is forming intricate patterns – CUT.

30. Scene where Gama is standing before Kurama laughing and then collapses into a puddle of blood – CUT.

31. Scenes where it goes back and forth between a close-up of Kurama and Gama. Where Gama says, “The death is yours” and Kurama responds “What?” – CUT.

32. Scene panning from Kurama, across Gama's lifeless body – CUT.

33. In Preview – Blood removed from scene of Kurama trying to dodge Touya's Ice shards.

This is one of those episodes that has me perplexed. Should I list every edited line and/or scene? Or should I just write a brief explanation of what's going on in the scene that was edited out? In the fight between Kurama and Gama, so much was edited out, and I was torn about what to do.

The edited material showed (not just told) you the depth of Gama's character and how far he was willing to go to gain victory for his sect—maybe not by his hand but definitely by someone after him. The edit picks up after all this, and Kurama's “You where correct, after all. It's wholly your fault that you die in vain. I cannot pity you,” just seems out of place, especially when the line that Gama claims to have killed himself was edited out.

Oh well. I guess this is just one of those edits that takes a good deal of the characterization out with it.

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