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Rurouni Kenshin 61

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 61: The Juppongatana Who Remain

1) General Edit for the rest of the episode... Blood digitally removed from the faces and bodies of the surviving fighters.

2) Scene of Saitou lighting up a cigarette and taking a puff as he stands on the bridge cut.

3) Saitou's cigarette digitally turned into a toothpick. Smoke plume digitally removed.

4) Sanosuke's "Damn it, Saitou!" changed to "Darn it, Saitou!" as Saitou turns and walks off.

5) Shot of Saitou smoking as he tells Sanosuke that he's faced these life-or-death situations before replaced with long shot of Saitou walking away.

6) Not an Edit... Blood left on Sanosuke's face as he runs through the corridor.

7) Not an Edit... Blood left on Sanosuke's face as he stands by the tree with Kenshin and Aoshi.

8) Sanosuke's "Damn it!" changed to "Darn it!" as he punches the tree.

9) Shot of a bloody Sanosuke returning to the Aoya replaced with shot of Aoshi.

10) Shot of Shishio running Yumi through and stabbing Kenshin in the gut replaced with shot of wounded Kenshin lying on the ground with surrounding pool of blood digitally removed.

11) Kamatari's "Then maybe I'm better off dead as well" changed to "Then maybe I'm better off following him."

12) Chou's "He died" cut. His subsequent "Houji the Knowledged is no longer with us" moved up to cover the gap.

13) Shot of Houji's bloody corpse in his prison cell cut.

14) Not an Edit... Blood left on Houji's fingers and on his prison bars.

15) Second shot of Houji's bloody corpse in his prison cell cut.

16) Yumi's drink digitally painted blue as she talks with Chou.

17) Kenshin's "About the man who killed himself in prison" changed to "About the man who passed away in prison" when he asks about Houji's name.

18) Shishio's "Hell, of course" changed to "Hades, of course" when Houji wonders where he is.

19) Shishio's "To take over this cozy place called Hell, of course" changed to "To take over this cozy place called Hades, of course" as he, Yumi and Houji walk off.

I'm sure CN is glad to see the end of Kyoto arc. The censors had their mettle tested with this collection of episodes. Now they just have to get through the Christian arc.

Kyle Pope

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