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The Edit List
Heat Guy J 01: Guy

by Kyle Pope,
Heat Guy J 01: Guy

1) OP replaced with J's opening narration and new title sequence.

2) Episode title overlaid on episode animation rather than the original black screen.

3) Scenes of Kyouko riding her bike through the city on her way to work cut.

4) Establishing shot of Daisuke stepping out into Judou as he starts his investigation cut.

5) Scene of smuggler looking out over the city from the deck of the boat as he leaves town shortened.

6) Close shot of Daisuke's eyes as he talks to his boss cut.

7) Shot of cigarette pack popping up through the surface of the water cut.

8) Shot of J scanning the city for the position of the sniper cut as well as the shot of the empty sniper's nest.

9) MTV's originally created episode preview placed ahead of the ED and replacing the original preview.

Well it's obvious what we have to look forward to here. The show's harsh language, violence and vices remained intact. The edits made to the show were purely for time. It's the same thing that Tech TV is doing with Anime Unleashed. While my preference is for unedited anime I can understand content edits based up broadcast guidelines. Second to anime that turns up on premium channels I prefer how Cartoon Network handles its anime acquisitions in that it doesn't edit out anything it doesn't have to. If an anime can be run in its entirety that's how CN will run it (save the dropping of the OPs). Also Heat Guy J is a widescreen presentation on DVD. You can see in MTV's presentation that the image was horizontally compressed giving the visuals an unnaturally elongated appearance.

While MTV's handling of this title is far from perfect I am glad to see anime appearing on yet another TV outlet. I hope they can learn from the other players on the field and improve their performance.

Kyle Pope

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