The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 01-04

by Mike Majeski,

1. Surprised to be Dead

1.        In the shot of pedestrians (before the accident), one pedestrian's cigarette is removed

2.        NOT AN EDIT – In the panning shot of the surrounding pedestrians (durring the accident) one of the pedestrians has a cigarette in his mouth.

3.        The shot of Yusuke and Kayko (just before she slaps him) is shortened.

4.        Yusuke's “It's lacy.” (Commenting on Kayko's Panties) – CUT.

5.        Kayko's “Yusuke! You perv!” changed to “Yusuke! You goon!”

6.        Yusuke's “Dammit! When is that old man gonna give up?!” changed to “Is that old men ever gonna give up?!”

7.        In the shot of Yusuke's mother, her cigarette is removed.

8.        Yusuke's “I left cause they pissed me off.” changed to “Cause everyone up there is a jerk.” in response to his mother asking why he wasn't in school.

9.        Yusuke's “Dammit, what's the use?” changed to “Darn it, whats the use?” when he sees the kid playing near the street after he asked him not to.

10.     Yusuke's “Who the hell are you?” changed to “Who the heck are you?” asking Boton when they first meet.

11.     Yusuke's “Alright Boton, I've got no regrets, so you can take me to Hell or wherever it is I'm going.” changed to “Alright Boton, I've got no regrets, so you can take me to Oblivion or wherever it is I'm going” after he finds out that the kid he saved is ok.

12.     Yusuke's “Oh give me a freaking break!” changed to “Oh give me a break lady!” after Boton tells him that they weren't ready for him yet.

13.     Kuwabara's “Damn you! You think you can just back out because you're scared!” changed to “Darn you! You think you can just back out because you're scared!” at Yusuke's wake.

14.     Mr Iwamoto's “Did you see those scums?” changed to “who was that trash?” at Yusuke's wake, just after Kuwabara is dragged away.


Well, there we have the first episode.  For the most part it was done with a fair amount of skill.  The only part where they had a problem was in the scene where Yusuke is interacting with his mother, all because is that she is smoking throughout the entire scene.  And we all know that the censors won't allow smoking to be seen on Toonami.  They had to mask out a good percentage of the shot to eliminate the cigarette and it's resulting smoke,  and in this case, the way the mask was moving contrary to the camera just screamed that something was being covered up.  I guess I shouldn't complain though, in the future, scenes like that one will just be cut out... no matter how important they are to the story.


2. Koenma Appears

1.        Atsuko's “Were you mad at me Yusuke? Were you mad, didn't I raise you good enough?!” – CUT.

2.        Boton's “It's so very sad.” – CUT.

3.        Yusuke's “The only thing sad now is she's got one more excuse to act that way.” (Implying that she is drunk) – CUT.

4.        Yusuke's “In that case I'm screwed.” changed to “In that case I'm doomed.” In response to Boton listing the requirement for a possession.

5.        Yusuke's reflection “Dammit! Where could she be?!” changed to “Shoot! Where could she be?!” as he's looking for Kayko.

6.        Yusuke's (while possessing Kuwabara's body) “Okay, now I'm pissed!” changed to “Okay, now I'm mad” after the third punk punches him.

7.        Shot of Kuwabara (while being possessed by Yusuke) reaching around Kayko and giving her breasts a squeeze as he says “There so squishy!” – CUT.



3. Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men

1.        Yusuke's “I mean as hard as I'm trying I can't think of a damn good thing to do.” changed to “I mean as hard as I'm trying I can't think of a darn good thing to do.”

2.        Punk's “Or I'm sure we could find other ways for you to pay.” changed to “We'd hate to see a pretty girl like you get hurt.”

3.        Yusuke's “Bastards!” changed to “Dirt Bags!” As he charges in to defend Kayko (Even though he can't)

4.        In the shot of Mr. Akashi and Mr. Iwamoto, the smoke wafting up in the background is removed.  And Mr. Iwamoto's cigarette is removed.

5.        Mr. Akashi's “I don't know which boost to the school's reputation I like best, kicking out Kuwabara or having Yusuke die on his own!” – CUT. (Admittedly, this line is real cold.  But it is in line with the Toonami editing standard.  Not to mention with this line cut, Yusuke's line about those teachers being out to get him seems out of place.)

6.        Punk's “Especially with the ass-kicking we're about to give him.” changed to “Especially with the tail-whipping we're about to give him.”

7.        Wide shot of all 3 punks taking turns punching Kuwabara – CUT.

8.        Yusuke's “Not a chance in hell.” changed to “Now all we need is rain” talking about Kuwabara and his chances for getting 50 points on his Physical Sciences test.

9.        Punk's “Hey! Why the hell are you stopping?” changed to “Hey! Why the heck are you stopping?”



4. Requirements for Lovers

1.        Yusuke's “That toddler Koenma has got me by the balls and he knows it.” changed to “That toddler Koenma has got me by the teeth and he knows it.”

2.        Yusuke's “That was quite an entrance. Who the hell are you” changed to “That was quite an entrance. Who the heck are you” to the Sayaka, the investigator.

3.        Yusuke's “Whoa-Whoa-Whoa-Whoa Kayko! Get the hell away from there! That's my body-” changed to “Whoa-Whoa-Whoa-Whoa Kayko! Get the heck away from there! That's my body-” when he (the ghost) tries to prevent Kayko from kissing him (his body)

4.        Yusuke's “Okay Boton, just take me to Heaven or Hell or wherever it is I'm going. I'm tired of being here.” changed to “Okay Boton, just take me to whatever place their going to stick me. I'm tired of being here.”

5.        Koenma's “You have a special quality buried underneath all that crap.” changed to “You have a special quality buried underneath all that garbage.” To Yusuke


I can't believe this, 5 total edits?  Understand, after doing most of the Dark Tournament episodes (#26-53) before this one (I didn't receive the DVDs in time for the previous showing) with anywhere between 20 and 40+ edits common, this is like a breath of fresh air.  I know that there were no major (or minor) fight scenes, or smoking, or drinking, or any other vice I can think of.  Just good solid Character Development.  I wonder if a completely unedited episode is out of the question?  But knowing Yusuke's mouth... probably not.

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