The Edit List
Dragonball GT 38, 39

by Mike Majeski,
38. Old Kai's Last Stand
1. NOT AN EDIT – In Recap – Goku's “Now laugh at this” was left unchanged
2. NOT AN EDIT – In Flashback – Goku's “Now laugh at this” was left unchanged
3. IN PREVIEW – The close-up shot of Goku, all blood on his face has been removed.
4. IN PREVIEW – In the whole scene of Gohan, Trunks, and Goten re-energising Goku. All blood on Goku's face has been removed.

This is interesting, the fact that half of this episodes listings are a reversal of an edit in the previous episode. It makes you wonder what possessed them to change it in the first place.

39. Family Bonds
1. Shot where Baby pounds Goku, and Goku coughs up some blood – CUT.
2. Shot, pulling away from Baby (pounding the helpless Goku). Revealing Hercule/Mr. Satan and Pan watching the carnage – CUT. (The question is did they cut this scene to reduce the Violence? Or to eliminate a shot of Mr. Satan/Hercule from the back?)
3. In the shot of Goku, after the beating he received from Baby, all blood from his face and chest has been removed.
4. As Goku reflects “Oh, man. It'll take a miracle to pull this off.” All blood from his face has been removed. (Pretty much from this point on, every scene of Goku will have this edit)
5. As Goku tries to convince Pan to leave, the wounds on his face and chest are removed. (Noted because the mask which hid those wounds seem to move contrary to his onscreen movements)
6. In the shot of Mr. Satan/Hercule's back, the word “Satan” has been removed.
7. NOT AN EDIT – In the shot of Goku holding Pan, after Baby's Super Gallik Gun Attack, Goku has been completely healed.
8. Goku's “You're a real hero now, Mr. Satan! You should be proud of yourself!” changed to “You're a real hero now, Hercule! You should be proud of yourself”

If you prick us, do we not bleed? Obviously not on Toonami! Even though the amount of blood shown in this episode is like a drop in the bucket in comparison to a lot of the current episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho (Which, I might add, has an earlier time slot). I mean, how in the world can you get beaten up by a giant gorilla, and not bleed? There again, how can you survive a beating from a giant gorilla? (Answer... Simple, through creative story telling) But the censors had to edit every single drop out. I guess, if the censors didn't edit all the blood, all we would have is the typical Mr. Satan/Hercule edits.

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