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The Edit List
Paranoia Agent Episode 01

by Kyle Pope,
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Well this represents quite a departure for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. Adult Swim anime was largely centered on action or broad comedy. With Paranoia Agent AS has taken a turn for the surreal. Paranoia Agent is the work of Satoshi Kon who is largely known for his movies Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers. Like Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent is a show that blurs the line between reality and delusion. That Adult Swim is taking a chance on a show like this indicates to me that they have an interest in expanding beyond the action genre. If so this opens up the possibility that an entire world of hard-to-market titles might get a TV airing. Paranoia Agent could be a pioneer.

Paranoia Agent 01: Enter Li'l Slugger

1) Not an Edit... Irate man's "Stop this bullshit!" to Mr. Kawazu at the hospital left unedited. (The "S" bomb on Adult Swim!? I'm not sure whether they missed it or deliberately left it in. I hope it's the latter.)

2) Image of girl on internet porn site had her top digitally lowered to cover her breasts. (Weird since we've seen female toplessness on Ghost in the Shell.)

Looks like AS is pushing at the boundaries. If Comedy Central can do it why not Adult Swim? It is for adults after all. Reports I've heard indicate that Cartoon Network is trying to expand the envelope of what is permissible on what is advertised as an adult block. I, for one, hope those boundaries do expand. Animation isn't just for kids anymore and AS it taking giant strides in proving that.

Kyle Pope

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