The Edit List
Samurai Champloo Episode 04

by Kyle Pope,
Samurai Champloo 04: Hellhounds for Hire, Part II

1) Mugen's "shit" scratched out of "What's up with that shit?" when Nagatomi's goon interrupt his fight with Jin.

2) Mugen's "asshole" scratched out of "Get back here you asshole!" as he chases Jin out of the smoke.

3) Mugen's "bullshit" scratched out of "That's a bunch of bullshit" as he confronts Nagatomi.

4) Mugen's "mofo" scratched out of "Send the toughest mofo you can find" as he walks out on Nagatomi. (Huh? Since when is "mofo" a forbidden word?)

5) Nagatomi's "shit" muted out as he slips out of the gambling house battle.

I don't understand why "mofo" was scratched out. The word exists as a family safe alternative to the actual term. Oddly enough they allowed Mugen to say "freakin" as an expletive and we all know what that word is a stand-in for. Anyway, only language edits this episode though it's the highest edit count so far.

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