The Edit List
Samurai Champloo Episode 05

by Kyle Pope,
Samurai Champloo 05: Artistic Anarchy

1) Ukiyo-e painting of man and woman having sex by a window cut from sequence of paintings.

2) Nipples digitally removed from painting of woman being raped.

3) Nipple digitally removed from painting of man licking a woman's neck.

4) Mugen's "shit" as he stands up from behind the shrine offering box muted out.

5) Image in catalog manzo holds up as he makes his arrest digitally blurred.

6) Nipple digitally removed from Fuu's breast during sequence of close-ups on the artist's painting of her.

7) Sunflower digitally extended in painting to completely cover Fuu's breast. (Odd since the previous shots show her breast was exposed in the painting.)

8) Sunflower digitally extended in the Van Gogh painting to cover Fuu's breast.

If you're going to edit out the nudity at least be logically consistent with it. Given the artistic context of the nudity in this episode I had hoped that AS would roll the dice on this episode. While they've lightened up the restrictions on blood and violence, sex and nudity appears to remain a sensitive area still.

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