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During the last season of the Strike Witches the Aircraft Carrier "Akagi" made an appearance then in the second season the famous Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship "Yamato" made an appearance as the new flagship of the Fuso Navy.

During the Ending Song it shows the personal emblems of the main characters of Strike Witches.Their emblems shows their featured animals.Some of their emblems are based on their real life alter ego 's personal emblems on their aircraft's fuselage.For example Charlotte Yeager's "Glamorous Shirley" is the parody of Charles Yeager's "Glamorous Glen III" P-51 Mustang.On Erica Hartmann's emblem is a heart with a figure of a Dachshund replacing the "Usch" letters which is the shortened name of Erich Hartmann's wife Ursula Paetsch.Minna Dietlinde Wilcke's emblem is based on the JG 5 fighter wing emblem "Pik-As"or Ace of Spade with the head of the wolf.

"Fuso" is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "Fusang," which is the ancient Chinese word for "Japan."

The second-half of Episode 5 (set in classical Rome) is basically a shot-for shot remake of key scene scenes from "Roman Holiday" (1953) starring Audrey Hepburn. Specifically: Beating the black-hatted Imperial Guards; The "Mouth of Truth" scene; The Fountain of Gods scene; Having icecream with children, and The final "Princess speech" scene.

In ep 7, around 6:21, you can see Bugatti's logo on what seems to be an engine that Charlotte is working on, a company known for the Veyron and aeroplane parts

In the same scene as above, Charlotte is humming the ending theme from the previous season, "Bookmark A Head"

In Episode 1, Mio Sakamoto is flying on the Kawanishi H8K codename "Emily" seaplane.This actual seaplane are used during the failed second raid of Pearl Harbor.

In Episode 2, The Italian Navy warships made the appearance as part of the Romagna Navy lead by the Vittorio Venetto/Littorio Class Battleship accompanied by destroyers Lanzerotto Malocello "MC"of Navigatori Class,Quintino Sella "QU" of Sella Class,Cesare Battisti "BA" of Sauro Class & Velite "VE" of Soldati Class Destroyers.

In episode 3, the Neuroi resembles a combination of a P-38 Lightning and a B-24 Liberator or B-17 Flying Fortress due to the Neuroi's twin boom's and size respectively.

In Episode 4 - At around the 4+ minute mark, the witches are debating about who will take out the newest striker prototype for a spin when Charlotte declares she should because she is the expert of high speed. Charlotte Yeager is an homage to American test pilot Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier (Mach 1 in October 1947). And he did this with broken ribs.

In Episode 4, Gertrude Barkhorn tested the new striker unit based on Messerschmitt 262 jet fighter.Gertrude also tried the 50mm BK 5 cannon which is included with the striker unit package.In actual World War 2 history there is a Me 262 variant that has a mounted 50mm BK 5 cannon which is called Me 262 A-1a/U4.Only 2 prototypes were made during World War 2.Gerhard Barkhorn (Gertrude Barkhorn's based alter ego)tried flying a Messerschmitt 262 with Jagdverband 44 but he found flying the Me 262 over the western front difficult, and he did not score any victories in it.

In episode 4, though Barkhorn used a 50mm cannon against the Neuroi, the Me-262 did not have a 50mm cannon since it was too heavy for the aircraft.

In Episode 5, Shirley is driving on a Studebaker US6 Truck with Yoshika and Francesca to Rome.

In Episode 6, The bomber dropped a 9250lb Vickers Type 464 bouncing bomb, like the one used by the British to bomb dams in Germany's Ruhr valley in 1943.

In Episode 7, While Shirley is fixing an engine you will see her red toolbox with a reversed "Playboy" logo markings on it.

In Episode 8, Yoshika have flown her new striker unit based on J7W1 Shinden. In actual World War 2 history this aircraft have reached only on prototype stage and never used in combat.

In Episode 10, Hanna-Justina Marseille made her first appearance this series. She is based on Hans Joachim Marseille who also known as "The Star of Africa".

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