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At the very end of episode 4 during the ending song, there is real footage of Tokyo Big Sight building where Summer Comiket takes place.

There are two versions of episode 12, and the story branches in the middle of episode 12. One of the versions, the "Good End," was the final episode of the television broadcast. The other version of episode 12, "True Route," will continue the story, which will end at episode 15.

In episode 1, all the games in Kirino's game tower are real. Some of these are "Suki! Suki! Onii-chan", "Cherry Twins", "Cross Days", "Imouto Land he Youkoso!", "Chu! Chu! Idol 2", "Sugar and Spice 2", "Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka", "Summer Days", "Sakura Sakura", and "School Days".

In episode 1, at 13:22, when Kirino opens the closet you can see 2 boxes: on the first one is says "Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na" and one the second one it says "Sister Princess"

In episode 1, at around 18:45, Kirino mentions KarzuSP and AkibaBlog both which are real news sites

In episode 1, at 23:20, you can see 2 boxes on which it says "Sister Princess" and 1 box on which is written "Final Fantasy"

In episode 1, at around 14:26, in Kirino's games stack you can read among other titles the following: "Flyable Heart","C.D.II"("Da Capo" series),"Sakura Sakura" - all of them are real, R-18, visual novels

In Episode 1, the first close up of Kirino's secret stash of anime and eroge, at about 13:16, you can see a DVD box set of a series entitled "sisXsis" to the left of several Meruru figures. This is obviously a take on KissXsis which uses the same color scheme and font for its title. Incidetally, this also involves brotherly and sisterly love. Ako Suminoe, one of the main characters of Kissxsis, and Kirino Kōsaka of this anime share the same seiyuu: Ayana Taketatsu.

In episode 1, Kirino mentions that her ideal little sister wold have black twin pig tails which could be a reference to Nakano Azusa from K-On! Both characters share the same seiyuu.

In Episode 2, at the McDonalds parody fast-food store, Kuroneko describe Saori Bajiina that she's the "Ultimate GUNDAM", referring to she's a fan of Gundam series

In Episode 2, Kirino receive a exchange gift from a IRL group, it was a Magic Hand, identical to Magic Hand used by Mahiru on Souta from the anime Working!!

In Episode 2, Kirino comments Kuronekos clothes that they resemble Suigintou. Suigintou is a character from manga and anime Rozen Maiden

In Episode 2 when Kirino and co were in the anime figurine shop, there was a box near the front with a figure closely resembling Niche from Tegami Bachi. Other figures could have also been a parody of other anime as well.

In Episode 2, there is an otaku girl named Saori Bajeena. Her last name is directly implying on the character Quattro Bajeena, famously known as Char Aznable in the anime series Kidou Senshi Z Gundam. Having taken this character`s last name, also implies that Saori Bajeena leads a double life (a rich, prim and proper girl but is in actuality an otaku) just like Quattro Bajeena (pretending to be a simple pilot but is a former member and important individual of Zeon)

In episode 4, a parody of the logo for Fate/Stay Night can be seen while the cast stands in line.

In Episode 6, the package box which Kirino received with a logo Amozon.co.jp, is a parody of Japanese Amazon.com

In episode 6, when the mother is filling out the crossword puzzle after Kirino gets her package, the two words filled in are "little sister" and "shopping".

In Episode 6, Kyosuke Kosaka shouts "Ore no hyper heiki misete yaru". This is a reference to the eroge Sengoku Rance, this line is always mentioned by Rance before ravishing beautiful girls, willingly or unwillingly.

In Episode 9, the game Sis X Sis with the information about the system requirements at the back of the box with the system requirements are Windoms GXP and Windoms Visobo, is a parody of Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista, also the word Pendulum 4 CPU is a parody of Intel Pentium 4 processor

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