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In ep 3, there is scene at a fast food restaurant highly resembling the real life fast food chain McDonald's.

In episode 1 at about 14:02, the drink that Kaito buys from Irei's store is “Skal”. It's a local beverage that appears frequently in the series and is produced by Minami Nihon Rakuno Kyodo Company Ltd. The company is situated in Miyakanojou city in Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyuushuu not far from where the events of the series take place.

In episode 1, the number shown in the beginning, 1.048596, is the number for the Steins;Gate timeline, a reference from Steins;Gate

In episode 1, at the end of the episode, Airi says "Sono me dare no me?" that means whose eyes are those eyes which is a line said a lot by the protagonist in Chaos;Head

In episode 4, at about 00:38, the rocket launch scene was probably that of the H-IIA 202 rocket carrying the Akatsuki (暁) space craft that was built to explore the planet of Venus. The rocket was launched from the Tanegashima Space Centre Spaceport in May, 2010. The centre is located on the southern tip of the island of Tanegashima (種子島) in Kagoshima Prefecture (where the events of the series take place) and is the main launch site for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

In episode 4, at about 01:04, Misaki mentions the name “Hot Dog” and tells Kai to be a man with the “Right Stuff” when he grows up. She was referring to the 1983 movie, The Right Stuff, that depicted the lives of the seven astronauts that were selected for Project Mercury, the USA's first attempt at manned space flight. One of the astronauts, Gordon Cooper, was nicknamed “Hot Dog” in the film.

In episode 7 at about 03:20, Junna mentions the song “Kagome Kagome” (かごめかごめ). The song is a traditional children's song that is sung during a Japanese children's game with the same name. One player is chosen as the demon and sits blindfolded (or with their eyes covered). The other children join hands and walk in circles around the demon while chanting the song for the game. When the song stops, the demon tries to name the person standing directly behind them.

In episode 8, Akiho imitates "Gendo Ikari" in the position in which he appeared in episode 1 of the series "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

In episode 11 when the robotics club meet at the runway, there are 4 devices on tripods. These "cameras" are a resemblance of the Xbox 360's Kinect.

In episode 11, when Kai asks for Kona to cheat, and Kona says that it is so hardcore that it is like hacking SERN and stealing their data. Hacking SERN and stealing their data is something done in Steins;Gate

In episode 11, the style of the countdown for the solar flare bears a resemblance to Evangelion

In episode 12, at about 03:09, Kaito is seen firing a matchlock firearm. The firearm he is using is called a “Tanegashima” (種子島) and is named after the island in Kagoshima prefecture where the events of the series take place. It is named so because it was first introduced to the Japanese by the Portuguese on that island.

In episode 14, when Kaito and Kona are looking at the website, it looks a little mistake: instead of saying "industry" says "insudtry". Also, minutes later, the user hacker named after Sneijder, referring to the football player of the selection of the Netherlands.

In episode 19, at around 3:50, Akiho activates the GunPro-2 by saying "I have control". This might be a reference to Sora wo kakeru shoujo, where Leopard often says "I have control", or more probably Alleluiah in Gundam 00 saying the same thing (as Sora wo kakeru shoujo was parodying this quote)

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