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GERWALK stands for "Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint."

The VF-1 Valkyrie takes its name from the XB-70 Valkyrie bomber and its design from the Grumman F-14 Tomcat.

Animation Error: In one episode, a VF-1A Valkyrie is mistakenly drawn with two lasers on the sides of its head (it's only supposed to have one on its forehead). Harmony Gold adapted that animation error into another Veritech Fighter for the Robotech universe: the YF-1R. 

The name printed on one of the VF-1A cannon-fodder Valkyries is "K. Warmaker," which is an amalgam of Kawamori, the co-creator of Macross.

Roy Focker's yellow biplane in Hikaru's dream sequences has "Kawamori" labeled behind the seat.

Shoh Blackstone, who is voiced by the director Noboru Ishiguro, is actually a pun on his name. Ishi means stone, guro (kuro) means black - thus Stoneblack, or rather Blackstone. As for Shoh, it is another reading of the kanji Noboru (e.g. the scriptwriter Shou Aikawa).

Although this series shot Mari Iijima's music career to superstardom in the 1980s, she often regrets having been known as the voice of Minmay. Until now, nearly everyone who knows her name associates her with her role in Macross and not as herself being a singer/songwriter.

"Stealth" director Rob Cohen admitted his film was inspired by Macross. However, it's not clear which incarnation of the series he's seen.

Iijima is only the second Japanese voice actress to voice a character in both English and Japanese versions of an anime.

The three Zentraedi that board the Macross as spies are named "Warera," "Loli," and "Conda." If these names are put together it creates a sentence in Japanese. "Warera roricon da," is the sentence that basically translates to "We are lolicons," or "We have a lolita complex."

In the episode where the shopkeeper sells Minmay toys, if you look closely, you can find toys for Astroboy and Gigantor on the shelf in the upper corner behind him. 

The VF-1J Valkyrie was featured as the main mecha of the Korean animated series Space Gandam V.

Bruno J. Global's uniform was inspired by Space Captains from "Space Battleship Yamato" (Star Blazers)

In one episode, the "Lolicon Three" (the three former Zentradi spies) were selling toys at a kiosk. One of the toys they were selling was a model of the Valkyrie fighters, except that the package read "Harikiri" and resembled the boxes that the Valkyrie fighter models were packaged.

This series wasn't officially released uncut in America until 24 years after it was first released in Japan.

The firat 3 Episodes were combined into a "movie" and dubbed. Later DVD releases included the first episode presented by itself. 

Animation Error: In episode 13, just before the Macross transforms we see the Lolicon 3. The shot starts with an overhead view where we see Conda wearing the pink dress he stole. Then the shot changes to a frontal of the three, and he is wearing his new male clothes.

Roy Focker's death in episode 18 is loosely based on Manfred von Richthofen - also known as the "Red Baron", who managed to land his plane before succumbing to a gunshot wound during a dogfight on April 21, 1918.

In episode 24, One of the arcades features the car chase scene from Castle of Cagliostro. Which was used for the laserdisc arcade "Cliff Hanger".

In episode 27, before the attack on Bodolza's ship, the Arcadia from Space Pirate Captain Harlock appears beside Britai and Laplamiz's ships. Meanwhile, the mecha Orguss from Superdimension Century Orguss appears among the mecha defending the Macross near the bridge.

In episode 36, the mecha Orguss appears in the background during the scene where the Macross defends itself against Quamzin, who sets his ship at ramming speed.

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