Patlabor The Mobile Police (OAV 1/1988)

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Episode 3, Old Trap, is a loose parody of the original 1954 Godzilla. While many consider this episode to be the worst among the original OVA series, Oshii calls it his favorite.

The opening narration telling the backstory to the labors wasn't originally from the script for the OVA and was thought up out of the blue by Ito.

According to Oshii, the opening was the hardest thing to get done for the OVA.

The characters Asuma & Noa were already completely developed by the staff before Oshii was attached to direct this OVA.

It was Ito's decision to have Oshii as the director for this OVA. Oshii at first hesistated to take the job, but decided to accept the offer due to him being broke at the time.

The script for the OVA wasn't completed by the time Oshii was attach to direct.

The original idea for the Section 2's base was to be located within a city. Oshii however suggested that it should take place in an open field that is near the city. The reason why is because an open field is easier to animate as oppose to an urban area which contains large buildings, pedestrians, & traffic that would be complicated to animate all at once.

Animating a robot breaking down & getting wrecked was the most difficult thing to animate for this OVA.

The Patlabor members wear an insignia that is an altered version of the Metropolitan Police insignia.

Kanuka Clancy was Oshii's least favorite character because Kanuka had no negativity to her character, was more mature than the other Patlabor officers, and is portrayed as a perfect typical anime character.

Despite the additions to Kanuka's background and portrayal in the OVA, Oshii still felt she was an unneeded character for the OVA.

It was Oshii's idea that Kanuka originated from New York City.

The OVA soundtrack was the only thing the staff had plenty of money for.

Casting the male voices was easier than casting the female voices for this OVA due to a limited number of voice actresses that would agree to be casted for this type of anime.

The reason why Oshii only directed the first six episodes was because episode 7 was an extra episode that wasn't intended to be made and Oshii was fine with only directing six while the seventh be directed by someone else.

The seventh episode was made in order for the staff to get royalities on the video sales of the OVA.

Shinji Ogawa, who normally does the voice of well mannered men was excited to do the voice of a Hirata who is a mad scientist for episode 3 of this OVA.

This series was made into an OVA as oppose to a TV series because there is less restrictions to OVAs on the use of content that is taboo for TV viewing.

The traffic jams in episode 1, were done on purpose because the staff found it easier to animate stationary cars as oppose to moving cars.

Because of the tight schdule & budget, this forced the plot in episode 1 to have limited scenes of robots & cars in motion.

The maintence crew in episode 1 were originally going to have a singing scene, but this idea was drop due to time restraint & budget.

Oshii admitted that the three legged robot in episode 1 wouldn't be able to stand up on all three legs if it were a real functional robot.

The gun Kanuka carries in episode 2 is a Government .45 caliber.

Kanuka's arrival in Japan at a military base in episode 2, was the only way she can enter the country with a gun as it's against the law to transport guns into Japan.

In episode 2, the setting of Tokyo was drawn in a very basic style as oppose to a more detailed style due to budget reason. Oshii didn't like the way the city looks in the finished OVA.

In episode 3, the giant creature marks a striking resemblence to a Gargantuan from the Kaiju film "War of the Gargantuans".

The Vartian alien in episode 3, had to be altered to avoid paying royality rights.

The mad scientist in episode 3 is based off of Serizawa from the original Godzilla film. The character in this episode has receive critism due to his eye patch representing disability even though Serizawa wore one as well.

The ending in episode 3 received critism the most for not making any sense, Oshii however disagrees and states that it is a very meaning ending.

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