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In the previous series (and on the colored parts of the Negima manga) Asuna has two different colored eyes, while in this series her eyes are the same color (blue).

At the end of ep. 5, when Asuna is writing the Chupacabra song, she is eating ChupaChupa lollipops, a popular candy in Mexico.

Episode 3: When Asuna is describing the game she had purchased (4:14) she mentions that the player can become the Master of Zombies, take over the castle, and get 108 henchmen. This is a parody of the Suikoden series where you construct a stronghold and collect the 108 Stars of Destiny.

In beginning of episode 7, when Asuna yells, a logo for the girls' dorm appears. This logo has striking resemblance to the Love Hina logo. Coincidentally, Love Hina also features an all girls' dorm. Both Negima and Love Hina were made by Ken Akamatsu.

The 25th song "Thousand Master no Omoi" in the Negima!? OST ~Cantus I~ Collection is a remake of the 14th song on the OST of Pani Poni Dash!, "Piichi Muun na Aishuu". In Pani Poni Dash!, the song is not nearly as ominous as it is in Negima!?.

In episode 1, minute 18:35, there's a metronome next to Nodoka with the face of Neko-kamisama from Pani Poni Dash!. Both Negima!? and PPD were produced, directed and Animated by the same staff

In episode 1 at approximately 19:19 into the episode (after the class president calms down the class) there is a picture of Chiyo-chan (from Azumanga-Daioh) and her "detachable" hair on the chalkboard.

In episode 2, when Negi tried to erase Asuna's memory, she responded by saying "Maho?" This is in fact a catchphrase said by Himeko Katagiri from Pani Poni Dash in which both series are created by the same staff.

In episode 2, an aerial view of the atheletics field of the Mahora Academy is shown. The lines of the racetrack form the same shape as the figures of the Nazca lines.

In episode 2, at around 6:28 or 6:29 when a bathtub pan is seen falling on chamo-kun's head, inside the pan is a picture of Saati-chan from Ken Akamatsu first manga "A.I. Love You" a.k.a. "A.I. ga Tomaranai!"

In episode 3,an arial shot shows the frost spell cast upon the water turns a section of the water into a statue of Evangeline with the back of her hand to her mouth, in a laughing pose, (O HOHOHOHOHOH! type of laughing), at 9:26 minutes. Though it looks different after that, with the hands in a different position.

In episode 5, starting at 11:50 and ending at 11:54, there is a small scene where Chisame Hasegawa (as Chiu) wears a white outfit to the flashes of cameras. This is a direct imitation of the opening animation from Rec.

In episode 5, "Doryoku, mirai, A Beautiful Star" (Effort, future, a beautiful star) is repeated throughout the episode. This is actually part of the lyrics to popular J-pop group Morning Musume's 16th single, "Souda! We're ALIVE."

In episode 5 before Chisame Hasegawa gets hit by lighting she references Best Buy as Best Try

In episode 6, there's a Player Select Screen that's structured exactly from CAPCOM's Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

In episode 6 at 13:59, Konoka's eyes briefly resemble those of Ichijou's from Pani Poni Dash. Ai Nonaka voiced both characters, and both series are directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

In episode 6 one of captions going vertical while Nodoka reading is Battle of Sekigahara which started in 1600 which unofficial beginning of the Tokugawa bakufu, the last shogunate to control Japan. Japan then had a long period of peace after that battle.

In episode 7 when Sayo was floating around the girls' dormitory, a couple scenes were a direct reference towards the Nintendo game, Legend of Zelda.

During one of the Legend of Zelda scenes in episode 7, in the A box is an icon of the Pokemon, Chansey

In episode 7, when Sayo speaks to Hakase and Chisame from their computer monitor, their exclamation, "Wintermute!" refers to the rogue AI in William Gibson's award-winning novel, Neuromancer.

In episode 9 at 06:33, when Negi was discussing about Star Crystal with Takamichi, there's a warning sign board of Kuma or Pedobear. The bushes of the woods where Negi and his students were camping are the perfect places for Kuma ambushes.

In episode 9, the class rep is ranting about the Negi figure machine and gets one out at random. When she opens the prize ball to see what she got, the sound the ball makes when it opens is the same sound that a Pokéball makes when it opens on the kids anime, Pokémon.

In episode 10, minute 2:00, Shichimi says "Ippen shindemiru?-nya" which is a reference to Jigoku Shoujo.

In episode 10 the astronomy clock looks the Sun from the Lara Croft - Tomb Raider movie

In episode 12, the shape of the trap was a reference to Looney tunes Wild E Coyote.

In episode 15, the shape of the bridge was a reference to Robotech and the screen is from Space Invaders

In episode 15, Konoka, Mana, Zazie start singing a line from the Muppets

In episode 17, The Picture of the looks the 'The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

In Episode 19 when Yue is choosing drink a wilkinson ginger ale is on of the choices

In episode 20 it a take on part 1 of Gulliver's Travels

In episode 21, the shape of the studio at the end was a reference to the Situation Room on CNN

In episode 21, Lingshen Chao she wearing the costume then uses moves of Chun-Li from Street Frighter

In episode 23 when Zazie is hiding she holding a can of Jolt

In Episode 24 in the ending bit about the Baka Rangers, the depiction of a tiger turning into butter from running around a tree in Baka Yellow's intro is a reference to the classical but controversial children's story Little Black Sambo.

In Episode 26, at 5:50, the two pictures change clothes into Satoko and Rena from Higurashi, which fits perfectly with the Higurashi reference being spoken.

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