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In the opening sequences, the long rambling pieces of text are famous online rants. For instance, episode one showcases the famous "Yoshinoya rant" from Japanese internet forum 2ch.

The phone company that Itoshiki uses is a paraody of the japanese company NTT Do Co Mo

in episode four when Otonashi leaves the room you can see a One Piece doujin on Harumi's desk

in one of the episodes, when it shows the students from the front room back, the non-main character students are drawn the same way as the ones in Pani Poni Dash.

When Kafuka buys Itoshiki's doujin in episode seven she can be seen wearing the same barette as Mika Inamori from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight

In episode seven when chiri is complaining to fujiyoshi fujiyoshi says "that's why it's called yaoi" Yaoi is and acronym for YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi. which means No climax, no punch line, no meaning which is what Chiri said to complain.

In episode seven when Kimura say's "In my country, That means you were attacked with a pinwheel by Yashichi" she is refering to the Japanese TV Drama Mito Koumon

In episode seven the Pi kid's shirt features the two chibi animals from Mahou Sensei Negima!?

Episode 8 - During Nozomu's rant about how very impressive things will usually be forgotten if there is something even slightly more impressive in existence, some examples flash by in the background. One of them says, "Krillin's power - Saiyan's power." This is a reference to Krillin from Dragonball/Z/GT, who is ridiculously powerful by normal human standards, and that despite his power, he will forever be overshadowed by the even more ridiculously powerful Saiyans of the series.

Episode 8 - While Kafuka is explaining why shadows are important, several small pictures are shown. Among them is a silhouette of Urusei Yatsura's Lum sitting on the moon.

Episode 8 - At 12:30, an image of Ritsuka and Soubi from the anime/manga "Loveless" appears for a moment.

In episode ten, the jokes in the opening go as such: "Mama, why does father's face look so pale?" "Shut up and dig." "Daddy, it's a policeman's job to catch bad people, right?" "Shut up and run!" "Hey, Mom. Is America far away?" "Shut up and swim." / "I heard Michael Jackson's coming to town." "What? When? Where? Well, we can't get in anyway." "Why's that?" "Because our professions are dermatologist and plastic surgeon." / A professor asked a doctor, electrical engineer, and banker "What happens when there's more coming in than going out?" The doctor replied, "Obesity." The electrical engineer replied, "Overload." The banker replied, "Why is that a problem?" / "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a hundred times." / Jokes and skirts are the same. The shorter the better. / "Hey, manager. How long do I have to put up with the leaking?" "Don't ask me. I'm not the weatherman." / "What do you do when you run into someone you can't stand?" "Of course, I run away as fast as I can... Hey, where are you going? Hey!" / A woman left the supermarket and ran into a very long funeral procession. There were two coffins at the front followed by almost 200 women. It was such a strange sight that she asked a mourning woman near her age, "Sorry to disturb you in your grief but who is this procession for?" The mourning woman softly replied, "The first coffin houses my husband who died after his beloved dog bit him." "My, that's awful..." "The second, my mother-in-law who was bitten trying to save my husband." Upon hearing this, the woman hesitantly asked, "Um... would it be possible for me to borrow that dog?" "You'll have to get in line." / "Hey, bud. Can you lend me a thousand bucks?" "What about collateral?" "Isn't the word of a trusted friend enough?" "Of course it is. So bring one here." / "Heard your house was on fire! You okay!?" "I'm fine! Gonna borrow some more cardboard boxes!!" / John and Sam, both in their sixties, were fishing on a boat. A funeral procession passed on a bridge above. John stopped fishing and stood up. He removed his hat and held it to his chest as he watched the procession pass. Sam was astonished by the sight. "John, I've known you a long time but I didn't know you were so respectful." John responded as he put bait on his rod, "Well, I was married to her for forty years."

Throughout the series, the phrase "!?" keeps appearing as background and quick frame images. This is a clear reference to Negima!?, another of SHAFTS previous works

Episode 12: At 4:26, a pack of cigarettes flashes by, followed by the name "Ai KaOO." This is a reference to Ai Kago, a popular idol singer who was photographed smoking underage in early 2006, an event that caused her agency to suspend her career for nearly a year. Shortly after plans for her return were announced, she was fired for spending the night with a man almost twice her age, and reportedly smoking underage again.

The title of episode 7, "One Morning, When Gregor Samsa Awoke, He was Carrying a Portable Shrine", is a parody of the opening of the novella "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka: "One morning, when Gregor Samsa awoke ... he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect"

Episode 12: At 4:46 there is a Snoopy parody.

In the Epsiode 10 OP, there is a reference to internet video culture, telling us that "the video has been removed at the request of its owners"

In episodes 4-9, the OP shows various of the girls and Arai-sensei in traditional Japanese kinbaku rope bondage.

In the end of episode 8, there is a black and white scene which is a clear reference to the "Psycho" shower scene, but instead of getting stabbed many times Nozumu takes a hit from many famous movie characters, including Bruce Lee, Rocky and Freddy from "Nightmare on Elm Street"

In episode two, Zetsubo Sensei can be seen reading a book called "Honey and Clover" in the library, possibly a reference to the manga of the same name.

In the beginning of episode 8, when Sensei is talking about a "Madame Curie," the reference is to Marie Curie, a famous physicist/chemist who won two Nobel prizes (Physics and Chemistry).

In Episode 1, one of the blackboards says "Is that robot dance from a Sunrise show?". This is a reference to "Overman King Gainer", where in the opening, had every character, including the robots, do the monkey dance.

In Episode 1, in one of the scenes, the blackboard says "Rozen May Day", and adds that it is a "Second District Festival For Workers". This is a play on words of "Rozen Maiden", an anime (for even more connections, Miyuki Sawashiro, who voices Maria, voices Shinku, one of the main characters in Rozen Maiden).

In episode 1, when Kafuka has an idea to change the number of strokes in Sensei's name, she puts a Star in the middle. This is a reference to Lucky Star, which also places a star between the words of the title.

In Episode 1, about 13 minutes in, the blackboard has a reference to the animated film "5 centimeters per second"

In episode 1, at 17:20, there is a student at the back on the right, with hair just like Setsuna Sakurazaki from Negima. SHAFT also animated the second series of Negima. At 17.31, another student has hair like Asakura from Negima

In episode 1, at 19.31, during the survey of hopeless ambitions, one of the sheets is filled out by Kohji Kumeta, who created the original Zetsubo Sensei manga. All 3 of his hopes were to win the Shogakukan manga award.

In episode 1, unlike what someone stated earlier about being a reference to Lucky Star... when Kafuka puts a star between Zetsubou Sensei's name, Itoshiki(star)Nozomu, he exclaims "Am I supposed to be Tsunoda Hiro?". Tsunoda Hiro is a singer/drummer who places a star in his name, Tsunoda(star)Hiro.

In episode 2, when Fuura imagines Komori Kiri as a zashiki warashi (座敷童), the image of Komori shows a wall scroll with two mah-jongg related phrases.

In episode 2, all of the dolls offered by Fuura to Komori, because she thinks she's a zashiki warashi (座敷童), depict characters from other anime -- including Asuna and Negi from Negima!?

In episode 2, when Itoshiki-sensei is in the bookstore, he's browsing in the section where the books of Dazai Osamu are kept. Dazai, a famous author, made repeated double suicide (心中, shinjuu) attempts with different lovers, finally succeeding in 1948.

In episode 2 at approximately 7:20 you can see a poster with Yuno of Hidamari Sketch and one of the uniforms for Yamabuki Arts High School on Komori's wall.

In Episode 2, when pictures of Matoi and all her previous boyfriends are shown, the one on the most left hand side has Matoi in a Di Gi Charat/Dejiko cosplay. Matoi is voiced by Asami Sanada, the voice actress of Dejiko.

In Episode 2, after one of the eyecatches, the board says "Ma Sugu Go!" (Go Straight Forward), which is from "Gakuen Utopia Manabi Chan". Ai Nonaka (voice of Kafuka here and voice of Mika in Manabi Chan) and Marina Inoue (voice of Chiri and voice of Mutsuki in Manabi Chan) were voice actresses for that show.

In episode 2, at around 17:38, on the blackboard, there's a sketch of Jeremiah Gottwald from Code Geass, screaming "Zero!!! I'm not Orange...".

In episode 2, at around 18:15, Nozomu is reading a volume of "Honey and Clover" (HaniKuro).

In episode 2, when Nozomu leaves the classroom, the chalkboard briefly reads "Zura janai, Katsura da!" This is a reference to the anime Gintama, specificially the character Kotarou Katsura, who would constantly say the phrase whenever he was called 'Zura'.

In Episode 2, when we see pictures of Matoi with her different boyfriends, the last boyfriend seen is wearing a T-Shirt with Konata Izumi from "Lucky Star" imprinted on it

In episode 2, when Sensei adds Kiri Komori to his travelling partners suicide book, we see it is aptly titled "Deathnote" like the manga/anime

In episode 2, in Tsunetsuki's ex-boyfriends appartment, there is a doll of Motsu (the frog from Negima!?) wearing a hat

In episode 3 Yagami Light from Death note appears right after Nozomu colapses in the start of the episode.

In episode 3, when Itoshiki-sensei is feeling uneasy and obviously lies when confronted by a returning student, he has a Psyche Lock from Phoenix Wright series cast upon him (a number of chains and a giant padlock appear).

At around 13:44 in episode 3 you can see itoshiki and tsunetsuki doing the fusion dance from dragon ball Z

In Episode 3, in the beginning when the TV turns on, it says a congratulations message to "Dear Boys" for winning the Kodansha Manga award for Shonen category. Actually it TIED with.....Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei.

In Episode 3, one of the blackboard phrases before Nozomu tries to hang himself says "Use your drill to break through heaven", a reference to Tengan Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Yoko, one of the main female characters in that show, is voiced by Marina Inoue (Chiri).

In Episode 3, one of the students is reading "The Sound of Waves" by Yukio Mishima

In Episode 3, when Nozomu is being questioned whether he has left the country or not, the blackboard says "The Monk Who Leapt Through Time", a parody of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".

In Episode 3, Nozomu mentions Dejima when he explains about isolating himself. Dejima was the island foreigners could trade with Japan during its sakoku (self imposed isolation) period from 1641-1853.

In Episode 3, right after it first shows Kaere with a band aid on her head, the blackboard says "Banchira" (Band-Aid shot), a play on the word "Panchira" (Panty shot), which just occurred in the scene before.

In Episode 3, after Chie takes attendance, the blackboard says "Wake to Kirain Revolution". Kirain Revolution another anime, and is broadcasted early in the morning, usually aimed for kids.

In Episode 3, Maria visits Harajuku, a place known for outrageous fashion, and sees girls in "lolita" fashion, and mentions "People say they are cute, even though they aren't".

In episode 3, near the beginning, Itoshiki-san reenacts L's famous death scene from Death Note.

In episode 3, while Chie-sensei is teaching class in Itoshiki-sensei's place, one of the posters on the wall reads 'equivalent exchange', Fullmetal Alchemist's main principle.

In episode 3, one of the students compares the overseas classes to various divisions of Shocker, the antagonistic organization from Kamen Rider.

In episode 3, at 11.18, 3 books on the back shelf are labelled "Tamers" Frontier" and "Adventure". These are references to the titles of different Digimon Series

In episode 3, at around 15:55 there are two posters on the wall with "Believe in you who believes in you" and "Equivalent Exchange", references to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Fullmetal Alchemist respectively.

In episode 3 at 7:25 it reads shokotan on the blackboard. This is pop star Shoko Nakagawa's nickname.

In episode 3 at 11:20 one of the books reads Konan in reference to Meitantei Conan.

In episode 4 at around 5:01 the manga that Kobushi's father tries to buy is a parody of the manga Ichigo 100%.

In episode 4 at around 13:33 there is a play on the classroom in Negima

In episode 4 on Otonashi's phone you can see the frog from Negima

In Episode 4, there is a parody of Billy Blanks' "Training Camp" video. This video is a huge meme on 2ch.

In Episode 4, when Kafuka is talking about an insect conference or whatnot, there is a split second shot of a white sheet that says "Hinata Springs", a reference to Love Hina, made by Ken Akamatsu (who also created Negima)

In episode 4, Itoshiki is given a fake tail and fake ears by students, which is a possible homage to "Loveless" where all people are born with animal ears and tails but lose them later in life.

In episode 4, after the ending animation,there is a brief fanservice shot of Kaere Kimura. On her panties, is what appears to be a crude sketch of Setsuna Sakurazaki and a chupacabra from Negima!? Yu Kobayashi voiced Setsuna and Kimura

In episode 4 just after half way through, on a book it says "Congratulations on Ken Akamatsu getting an anime". Akamatsu's a manga artist whose work has been adapted into anime many times, with Love Hina, Itsudatte My Santa and Negima. the one this refers to is Negima!? being produced by the same company as Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

In episode 4, Sensei's phone appears to be a model called "Da Camo" This is a parody to "Da Capo" a popular dating sim/anime created by CIRCUS, mixed with the fact that Sensei's phone probably has a camera on it

In episode 4 at 9:52 Zetsubou sensei is shown with a pikachu tail.

In episode 4, near 10:56, there is a short scene depicting a typical battle scene in various kinds of RPG video games, like Final Fantasy. The enemy they characters are fighting is Maedax, a reference to Maeda-kun.

In episode 4, near 17:47, sensei points in two directions with a sound effect that is from The Powerpuff Girls.

In episode 5 right after the break you see a blue screen with the tekst: Studio Kumeta. This is a parody for Studio ghibli's usual image that is shown at the start of their movies.

In episode 5 after Maria knocks down the wall in the onsen. Fuura is shown with a star and the words "Unlucky channel" this is a parody on the Lucky Channel in the popular anime lucky star

In episode 5, Dr BJ is obviously refers to Black Jack, from the anime/manga of the same name.

In episode 5 at 13:31, the "Keep Out" tape, is parodying Galaxy Angel Rune (when nudity is shown it's covered with "Keep Out" tape as well)

In Episode 5, the first eyecatch is a parody of Columbia Pictures logo.

In Episode 5, Nozomu mentions that you are cremated and ashes are scattered at "Ayers Rock". Ayers Rock is a well known tourist attraction in Australia.

In Episode 5, when Nozomu is mentioning situations that are wrong, one of them "Holding the Olympics in the country where 90% of the executions occur" is a reference to the 2008 Olympics being held in China. This is most likely a hateful spite to the fact that Osaka lost out.

In Episode 5, when Abiru takes off her eyepatch, she shows a different colored eye, a case of Heterochromia. This is likely a reference to Asuna Kagurazaka from Negima, who also had Heterochromia.

In Episode 5, the Black Jack reference is talking about how if Black Jack is "detoxified", he asks for insurance before treating patients. The actual Black Jack was a "rebel" doctor, who immediately helped patients without worrying about consequences.

In Episode 5, Nozomu mentions that if Sandayu Dokumamushi is flushed of his toxins, he would be a Good Samaritan. Sandayu is known for his radio program with malicious language.

In episode 5, while performing his 'examination of status', Itoshiki-sensei points at Usui-kun with the accusatory finger motions of Katsuragi Yako, famous schoolgirl detective and main character of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro.

In episode 5, while Itoshiki-sensei is talking about a detoxified Akihabara, it appears that there is a Gravitation sign on one of the buildings. This ties in with the other shounen ai series that appear from time to time in the background.

In episode 5 at 9.25, the blackboard depicts the name Lee Nakanao who is "The Secret Society Dark Patriot Brigade Seventh Generation Brigade Chief". This is a reference to "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", in which Suzumiya-san was Brigade Chief for the also insnely long club name "The Save the World By Overloading it With Fun Suzumiya Haruhi Brigade" or the SOS Brigade for short

In Episode 5, Akamatsu's name appears again before the second half's title as quick changing kanji, along with Kumeta, the creator of the Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei manga. A few seconds later, after the break animation Kumeta's name is used as a studio name "Studio Kumeta: KumePro"

In Episode 5, at 14.33, during the open air bath encounter, the girls say they are there to detox themselves. Nozumu doesnt understand, and next to him is the phrase "detox?". This phrase is presented exactly the way the title for "Shuffle!" is written, with its variable colours for each letter. Shuffle! is a 2004 Navel-created H-Game turned anime by asread in 2005.

In episode 5 at the open air bath, there is a sign that says the spring has the ability to cure many favourable RPG status ailments in games like Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star among others. The effects are HP Recovery, Remove Poison, Cure Petrify and Cure Other Abnormal Status Effect. In RPG games a common way to heal party members is to drink or take a dip in a spring/hotspring when one is far away from a town or an inn.

In episode 5, at around 12:01 there is a clear reference to Higurashi no naku koro ni, showing a cleaver and then the title in white on a black background, and a red center letter.

"In Episode 5, Nozomu mentions that you are cremated and ashes are scattered at "Ayers Rock". Ayers Rock is a well known tourist attraction in Australia." To add to the above trivia, the scattering of ashes at the Ayers Rock is a well-known ending scene from the novel/movie "Sekai no Chūshin de, Ai o Sakebu" (Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World ), where Saku scatters the ashes of Aki at the top of Ayers Rock.

In episode 5 at 9:02 the designer bag is a parody of louis vuitton.

In episode 5 at 17:05 the milk bottle says moh. In Japan cows say moo but pronounced as moh

In episode 6, when Nozomu says, "It's common to find things cooped up in storage spaces," four pictures slide by him in the background. One of those pictures depicts a man playing Go and is labeled "Sai." This is a reference to the anime/manga "Hikaru no Go," in which Hikaru found the Go board Sai was possessing in his grandfather's storage space.

In episode 6, as she is taken away Rin Itoshiki recites a famous Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann phrase "Who do you think I am!?" but starting with a feminine atashi.

In episode 6, the girls calling the butler "Sebastian" may be a reference to the series Kuroshitsuji, which stars a butler to a rich family who's name is Sebastian.

In episode 7 at 5:39 Zakuro Chinmyoji and Zakuro Wars are puns of Sakura Shinguji and Sakura wars

In episode 7 at 5:17 the word Uroken is a contraction of Rurouni Kenshin and this refers to the fact that Itoshiki's outfit is similar to Miyojin Yahiko's

In episode 7 at 6:09 you can see Kafuka making the same pose as Konata in the Lucky Star Opening

In episode 7 around 6:12 you can see Fujiyoshi doing the same pose as Lelouch from Code Geass

In episode 7 at around 9:15 Kafuka's line and posture is the same as Minami- chan's from the baseball anime/ manga Touch

In episode 7 while talking to Nozomu about doujinshi, Fujiyoshi names the pairing Asu/Caga: Athrun and Cagalli from Gundam SEED. When she says this, you can also see their silhouettes.

In episode 7 while at the convention, Fujiyoshi is reading a Naruto doujinshi while working her table. The pairing that she comments on being "a stretch" is Kakashi/Naruto.

In episode 7, the table next to Fujiyoshi's at the convention is selling Bleach doujinshi. The pairing? Byakuya/Ichigo

In episode 7, when Fujiyoshi rewrites her doujinshi, the pairing is apparently Yzak Joule/Dearka Elsman from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. The names on their T-shirts, "Duel" and "Buster", belong to the respective mobile suits these two characters were piloting in the series.

In episode 7, on Harumi's wall at the start of the episode, is a doujinshi poster that says Suza x Lelou as a doujinshi pairing. This refers to Suzaku and Lelouh of Code Geass fame

In episode 7 at 9.33, when Harumi is writing a new manga at school under Chiri's supervision, on the back wall is a poster of Zero from Code Geass saying "If you recongise this face" (Basicaly its a Wanted poster as Zero is a criminal)

In episode 7, when Chiri is placed on a pedestal because of her hair, she is called an "Unparalleled Beauty". This is also the title of the ending song which translates to "Zessei Bijin"

In episode 7, around the 6:00 mark, a box belonging to the table behind Itoshiki has the words "Gen" and "Iroha Gokko". This is possibly a reference to Genshiken 2, where they publish a doujin entitled "Iroha Gokko". Also, right after Fujiyoshi's Lulu impersonation, the person to Itoshiki's left is wearing a custome similar to Ohno's Comifes cosplay in Genshiken 2.

In episode 8, when Usuis bald head is revealed, 5 arrows slowly point and move towards his head. This is a reference to Shuffle! the H-game where these arrows are used to similar effect in the title sequences to point to the diferent girls that the player could end up with at the end of the game

In episode 8, Mataro's Vilfisaur is supposed to be a Godzilla reference. But the way the scene ends, its more of a "King Kong" Reference, with the Vilfisaur climbing the Empire State building, and fending off planes.

In episode 8, around 14:30, the criticism towards Meru is a reference to Steven Seagal, who is an actor who plays quiet people in certain movies.

In episode 9 just around 20:04, when the class talks about if their teacher is a fake, you could see clearly that the suit the person is wearing is identical to Phoenix Wright's suit in court (Including the position of the Attorneys Badge, but the badge is different).

In episode 9, there is a Neon Genesis Evangelion reference, when Sensei tells the class to come up with 7 mistakes in life. One mistake was "Getting Hooked on Eva when in high school"

In episode 9 at 8.32, Above the board are 3 scrolls, which say "Chu" "Pa" and "T" in that order. This is a reference to Negima!? in which Asuna was trying to sell Chupa T's to her classmates, which were T-shirts with Chupacabra's imprinted on the front

The arrows from the Shuffle dating game make a return appearnace in episode 9 at 19.08, this time focusing on Sensei when he is trying to prove he is really who he says he is.

In episode 9 at 20.23, the way sensei is running and the way the shot is set up is a direct parody of the way Negi Springfield is running during the Opening of Negima!?

In episode 9, at 07:28 there is a reference to Legend of the Galactic Heroes, the list of mistakes includes Reinhard von Mussel and Oskar von Reuentahl,

In the new opening presented in episode 10, the words in the background of the characters are a series of jokes. The last panel is simply laughter.

In episode 10, there was a talk about Takeshi Shirokane about his bad acting it may be a stretch but my doubts tell me it's Takeshi Kaneshiro that they're talking about since we only inverse Kane and Shiro. They also mention that he's acting in Japanese while the actor was born and raised in Taiwan.

In episode 10 at the half way point, the animation for the break is a clear reference to James Bond, with the music and the images representing the usual artistic opening animations for the James Bond Movies

In Episode 10, during the Weekly Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Ending Segment, Chiri mentions other works in response to a letter by the director, naming "Chidamari Sketch" as an example. This is a reference to SHAFT's last production, Hidamari Sketch. It may also have been a subtle hint at a second series of Hidamari Sketch, which was revealed to be true later on in 2007.

In episode 10, before the opener, 2 Samurai's from the Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin series appear, with the next image being a man reading a Samurai X manga

In episode 10, during the letter feedback session after the credits, One letter has a drawing of Itoshiki-sensei and Kagerou Usui with stretched heads like the Headmaster from Hidamari Sketch, possibly showing that the letter wanted the character designs for the males to look more like that.

In episode 10, during the pre-OP sequence, it is shown that for the Cultural Festival, the class "2-Ha" set up a maid café, named "Hanaukyou". It obviously refers to Morishige's manga "Hanaukyou Maid Tai", which has known two anime adaptations.

In Episode 11, Nozomu is reading the Hayate no Gotoku manga.

In episode 11, during Chiri's cleaning spree, Fujiyoshi says that she throws away everything questionable, showing DVD examples. One is Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei itself, the other is Pani Phase, a reference to early SHAFT series, Pani Poni Dash

In episode 12, while Fujiyoshi is shopping, the books shown that she doesn't purchase include a Fullmetal Alchemist Roy/Ed doujinshi, an Ouran High School Host Club doujinshi, a Neon Genesis Evangelion Kaworu/Shinji doujinshi, and a Bleach doujinshi centered on Renji. The doujinshi she purchases is a Gundam Seed doujinshi centered around Athrun.

In episode 12, while writing to the future prime minister, Kaga writes that she's against G__dam __. This is likely a reference to Gundam 00, which was scheduled to be released only a few weeks after the airing of the episode.

Ai Kaga, the girl with the guilt complex in episode 12, says she has been avoiding the camera in the series so far. Yet she makes a brief cameo in episode 1 at 17.31 in the top left corner

In episode 12, when Kudou appears at 17.10, he is holding a book titled "The Chronicles of Marumiya: The Furikake, the Witch and the Wardrobe" a parody of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

In episode 12, the same freaky faced mask that appears in Negima!? appears here. In Negima, Motsu the frog creature and the Black Rose Baron wear it, and here, Kafuka's face is replaced with it.

In episode 12, it is clear that Abiru's tail collection includes a Pikachu tail.

In episode 12, when Fujiyoshi is crying over Itoshiki's coffin, saying it was her faut, she's reading a Kamina/Simon (from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann) doujinshi.

In episode 12, around 14:16, the way Nozomu got punched looks a lot like the way Simon punched Rossiu in Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

In episode 12, at around 21:00, the scene is a parody of the ending of the Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, where Nozomu is Goemon, Fuura is Lupin, and Chie is the cigarette smoking Jigen, and Kaede on the bike is Fujiko.

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