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Foundation date: 2011-06
Mailing address: 15727 S. Western Ave. Suite A - #131
Gardena, CA 90247
Project-H is Digital Manga Publishing's label for its heterosexual hentai manga titles.
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(English version)
Absolute Monarch Syndrome (manga) : Distributor

An Ideal Day to Fall in Love (manga) : Distributor

An Innocent Relationship (manga) : Distributor

Ane Kyun! My Sweet Sweet Elder Sister (manga) : Distributor

Aqua Bless (manga) : Distributor

Boing Boing (manga) : Distributor

Breasts of Temptation (manga) : Distributor

Bust to Bust (manga) : Distributor

Club for Crossdressers (manga) : Distributor

Coffin of Cerebrum (manga) : Distributor

Colorful Dreams (manga) : Distributor

Colorful Harvest (manga) : Distributor

Cosplay Girlfriend (manga) : Distributor

Cute Devil Girlfriend (manga) : Distributor

Dinner at the Shimoedas (manga) : Distributor

(The) Dirty Triangle (manga) : Distributor

Disciplinarian (manga) : Distributor

Embrace & Bloom (manga) : Distributor

Escape From Grace (manga) : Distributor

Extra Juicy (manga) : Distributor

Fetish Grab Bag (manga) : Distributor

Fetishisms: Gone Wild (manga) : Distributor

Fetishisms: Gone Wilder (manga) : Distributor

Fetishisms: Immoral (manga) : Distributor

Fetishisms: Sexy Wives (manga) : Distributor

Fetishisms: Virgins (manga) : Distributor

Fruitful Body (manga) : Distributor

GKGT - GuKeGuTe (manga) : Distributor

Goddess of the Glass (manga) : Distributor

Happy Girls (manga) : Distributor

Hard Temptation (manga) : Distributor

Hello Work (manga) : Distributor

Her and Her Uniform (manga) : Distributor

Her Sensitive Spot (manga) : Distributor

Holy Knight (manga) : Distributor

Hot and Steamy (manga) : Distributor

How Good was I? (manga) : Distributor

How To Get Dumped In Style (manga) : Distributor

How To Make Him My Master (manga) : Distributor

I Am Not Your Maid!! (manga) : Distributor

I'm Coming with You! (manga) : Distributor

Idolhouse (manga) : Distributor

Knock Me Up (manga) : Distributor

Ladies Full of Love (manga) : Distributor

Late Bloomers (manga) : Distributor

Love and Like (manga) : Distributor

Love Hair (manga) : Distributor

Love Infusion (manga) : Distributor

Love on the Job (manga) : Distributor

Makunouchi Deluxe (manga) : Distributor

Moe Maniax (manga) : Distributor

(The) Moon And The Sun (manga) : Distributor

My Celebrity Girlfriend (manga) : Distributor

My Cute Crossdresser (manga) : Distributor

My Good Boy (manga) : Distributor

My Pretty Idol Girlfriend (manga) : Distributor

Naughty Boobs (manga) : Distributor

Naughty Wives (manga) : Distributor

Not Enough Time to Pull It Out! (manga) : Distributor

Nurse's Paradise (manga) : Distributor

Nurse's Secrets (manga) : Distributor

Nurse's Sweet Naked Truth (manga) : Distributor

Nyotai-ka! (manga) : Distributor

(The) Parasite Doctor Suzune (manga) : Distributor

Power Play! (manga) : Distributor

Princess Lucia (manga) : Distributor

Puppy Lust (manga) : Distributor

Puru Puru Hearts (manga) : Distributor

Range of Love (manga) : Distributor

Ring × Mama (manga) : Distributor

See Me After Class (manga) : Distributor

A Sensual Ladies Man (manga) : Distributor

Sex Toys (manga) : Distributor

Sexless Friend (manga) : Distributor

Shocking Pink! (manga) : Distributor

Splash to Love (manga) : Distributor

Stardust Traffic (manga) : Distributor

Sweet Emotions (manga) : Distributor

(The) Tale of Boobs: Chichi Monogatari (manga) : Distributor

Tastes Better With Cream (manga) : Distributor

Teach Me A Lesson (manga) : Distributor

Tender Hearts (manga) : Distributor

Three P (manga) : Distributor

Trembling Lips (manga) : Distributor

Triple Mix! (manga) : Distributor

Uniformed Love (manga) : Distributor

Usagi-tachi no Momoiro Yūgi (manga) : Distributor

Vagina Manifesto (manga) : Distributor

Velvet Kiss (manga) : Distributor

Virgin Games (manga) : Distributor

Wife in Short Shorts (manga) : Distributor

Will You Be My Cute Crossdresser? (manga) : Distributor

Witchcraft (manga) : Distributor

With Love, From Mochizuki (manga) : Distributor

Work for Pleasure (manga) : Distributor

You See, Teacher... (manga) : Distributor

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