Project-H Updates on Kodomo no Jikan's Digital Sale Status

posted on by Karen Ressler

The official Twitter account for Digital Manga's Project-H imprint posted an update on Thursday regarding the closure of its online store and the precautionary removal of the Kodomo no Jikan manga from Digital Manga's main online store. The update said there will be a new site with "Steam-style content filtering," in which users must disable an adult content filter, and after this "things should be all good."

The adult manga imprint announced on Tuesday that it had been banned from its ecommerce platform Shopify for allegedly violating its Acceptable Use Policy, which does not explicitly ban adult content. Digital Manga removed digital sales of Kodomo no Jikan from its eManga website, also powered by Shopify, as a "precaution" on the same day. At the time, the staff said that it is not yet sure if it will be able to put Kodomo no Jikan back up for purchase or if it will stay gone indefinitely.

The Kodomo no Jikan manga is not graphically explicit or pornographic, but is notably controversial for its sexually suggestive scenes depicting young girls.

Source: Project-H Twitter account

Update: Typo fixed. Thanks, Takkun4343.

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