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Studio JG

Foundation date: 2007-07-02
Official website:
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Anime which this company has licensed:
Aoi Horus no Hitomi (manga)

Anime with which this company was otherwise involved:
(Polish version)
5 Centimeters per Second (manga) : Publisher

Absolute Boyfriend (manga) : Publisher

Acid Town (manga) : Publisher

After the Rain (manga) : Publisher

Ajin: Demi-Human (manga) : Publisher

Alice in Borderland (manga) : Publisher

Alice in the Country of Hearts (manga) : Publisher

(The) Ancient Magus' Bride (manga) : Publisher

(The) Apothecary Diaries (manga) : Publisher

Bakemonogatari (manga) : Publisher

BEASTARS (manga) : Publisher

Birdcage Castle (manga) : Publisher

Black Clover (manga) : Publisher

Blissful Land (manga) : Publisher

Blood Blockade Battlefront (manga) : Publisher

Bloom Into You (manga) : Publisher

Blue Flag (manga) : Publisher

bon au revoir, Sorcier (manga) : Publisher

Boys of Summer (manga) : Publisher

A Bride's Story (manga) : Publisher

Call of the Night (manga) : Publisher

Carole & Tuesday (manga) : Publisher

Croquis (manga) : Publisher

Dai Dark (manga) : Publisher

Dandadan (manga) : Publisher

Deadlock (manga) : Publisher

Devils and Realist (manga) : Publisher

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro (manga) : Publisher

Dorohedoro (manga) : Publisher

Drifting Dragons (manga) : Publisher

Drug-on (manga) : Publisher

Emanon (manga) : Publisher

Emma (manga) : Publisher

Erased (manga) : Publisher

Excuse me dentist, it's touching me! (manga) : Publisher

Fairy Tail (manga) : Publisher

Fire Punch (manga) : Publisher

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End (manga) : Publisher

Gachiakuta (manga) : Publisher

Gannibal (manga) : Publisher

(The) Gender of Mona Lisa (manga) : Publisher

Giga Tokyo Toy Box (manga) : Publisher

(The) Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún (manga) : Publisher

Girlfriends (manga) : Publisher

Girls und Panzer (manga) : Publisher

Go with the Clouds, North by Northwest (manga) : Publisher

Golden Time (manga) : Publisher

Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends (manga) : Publisher

Haikyu!! (manga) : Publisher

Happy Marriage!? (manga) : Publisher

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto (manga) : Publisher

Hetalia - Axis Powers (manga) : Publisher

Hetalia World Stars (manga) : Publisher

Hiraeth: The End of the Journey (manga) : Publisher

Hirano and Kagiura (manga) : Publisher

Hoshin Engi (manga) : Publisher

I Sold My Life for Ten Thousand Yen Per Year (manga) : Publisher

Ilegenes - Kokuyō no Kiseki (manga) : Publisher

Im: Great Priest Imhotep (manga) : Publisher

Indigo Blue (manga) : Publisher

Interspecies Reviewers (manga) : Publisher

K-ON! (manga) : Publisher

Kaguya-sama: Love is War (manga) : Publisher

Kaiju Girl Caramelise (manga) : Publisher

Kaiju No. 8 (manga) : Publisher

Kamisama Kiss (manga) : Publisher

Kemono Jihen (manga) : Publisher

Kokoro Connect (manga) : Publisher

Land of the Lustrous (manga) : Publisher

Liberty Liberty! (manga) : Publisher

Log Horizon: The West Wind Brigade (manga) : Publisher

Love of Kill (manga) : Publisher

Loveless (manga) : Publisher

Magus of the Library (manga) : Publisher

Manhole (manga) : Publisher

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (manga) : Publisher

Medalist (manga) : Publisher

Mieruko-chan (manga) : Publisher

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (manga) : Publisher

Monster Musume (manga) : Publisher 

Mr. Villain's Day Off (manga) : Publisher

Museum (manga) : Publisher

My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought (manga) : Publisher

My Dress-Up Darling (manga) : Publisher

My Happy Marriage (manga) : Publisher

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (manga) : Publisher

My Little Monster (manga) : Publisher

My Solo Exchange Diary (manga) : Publisher

Natsume's Book of Friends (manga) : Publisher

Nijiiro Days (manga, Minami Mizuno) : Publisher

No. 6 (manga) : Publisher

Noragami: Stray God (manga) : Publisher

Octave (manga) : Publisher

Olympos (manga) : Publisher

One Room of Happiness (manga) : Publisher

Oshi no Ko (manga) : Publisher

Otome Yōkai Zakuro (manga) : Publisher (2012)

Overlord (manga) : Publisher

Parasyte (manga) : Publisher

Pochi Kuro (manga) : Publisher

Prophecy (manga) : Publisher

(The) Quintessential Quintuplets (manga) : Publisher

Ragna Crimson (manga) : Publisher

Rappa (manga) : Publisher

Reset (manga) : Publisher

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective (manga) : Publisher

Sakamoto Days (manga) : Publisher

Sasaki and Miyano (manga) : Publisher

(The) Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko (manga) : Publisher

Servamp (manga) : Publisher

(The) Seven Deadly Sins (manga) : Publisher

(The) Shadow Out of Time (manga) : Publisher

Shaman King (manga) : Publisher

Sherlock (manga) : Publisher

A Sign of Affection (manga) : Publisher

Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You (manga) : Publisher

Snow White with the Red Hair (manga) : Publisher

Sōgiya Riddle (manga) : Publisher

Soloist in A Cage (manga) : Publisher

Somari and the Guardian of the Forest (manga) : Publisher

Spice & Wolf (manga) : Publisher

Stigmata (manhwa) : Publisher

(The) Summer Hikaru Died (manga) : Publisher

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Aliens (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Tarareba Girls (manga) : Publisher

Tokyo Toy Box (manga) : Publisher

Toradora! (manga) : Publisher

Toradora! (light novel) : Publisher

Trigun (manga) : Publisher

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow (manga) : Publisher

Unbreakable Machine-Doll (manga) : Publisher

Vassalord (manga) : Published (2012)

Velvet Kiss (manga) : Publisher

(The) Voynich Hotel (manga) : Publisher

Wandance (manga) : Publisher

(The) Way of the Househusband (manga) : Publisher

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (manga) : Publisher

Whisper Me a Love Song (manga) : Publisher

Wind Breaker (manga) : Publisher

Witch Watch (manga) : Publisher

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (manga) : Publisher

Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii (manga) : Publisher

Yona of the Dawn (manga) : Publisher

You & Me, Etc. (manga) : Publisher

Your Lie in April (manga) : Publisher

your name. (novel) : Publisher

your name. (manga) : Publisher

Yūgai Toshi (manga) : Publisher

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (manga) : Publisher

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