: 馬鹿 【ばか】
(adj-na, n.) fool; idiot; trivial matter; folly.

This derogatory term roughly translates as "idiot" or "dummy". Although we wouldn't recommend using it in casual Japanese conversation, the word has become fairly common in anime. Very often, it can be interpreted as a sign of affection between two individuals too strong-headed to admit it.

Often used while shouting "baka!", the baka-hammer (of its full name "hyperdimensional baka-hammer" or "pan-dimensional baka-hammer") is a device usually used by anime females to administer punishment unto males who have committed or are trying to commit a perverted action, or are perceived to by the female. The baka-hammer, ranging from the light Kodocha mallet to the multi-ton City Hunter clobberer, is in most cases much too big to store on one's person. But anime females are still able to use it whenever the situation calls for it, thanks to judicious use of their personal hyperdimensional storage space (hence the full name of the baka-hammer).

The hyperdimensional (or extradimensional) storage space is, as the name implies, a storage space located in another dimension and thus very conveniently occupying no space in this dimension. From this space, the anime female can retrieve an infinite quantity and diversity of items such as clean sets of clothes, pots of boiling water, swords, guns, heavy artillery and of course baka-hammers. It has been theorized that the hyperdimensional storage space evolved in anime females due to the lack of clothing to store items. However, such a theory may very well be erroneous, as the females who use the baka-hammer most frequently also tend to be the ones with prudish temperament and non-skimpy clothing.

See also: ahō

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