Step Up Love Story - To Have and To Hold (Sub.DVD 2 of 2)

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Title: Step Up Love Story - To Have and To Hold
Volume: Sub.DVD 2 / 2
Running time: 60
Distributor: Media Blasters

Release date: 2008-01-29
Suggested retail price: $19.95
Age rating: 17+

UPC: 631595080476 631595080476

Newlyweds Makoto and Yura Onada continue to face a variety of sexual challenges that has them squirming with awkwardness, embarrassment and lust. When their neighbors win the lottery and invite them on a trip, Makoto and Yura must figure out how to make love in their hotel room without disturbing people around them. Then Yura takes a job as a waitress that requires her to dress in a skimpy mini-skirt. This, of course, has Makoto bothered in more ways than one.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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