Blood+ - Chevalier (Novel 2)

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Title: Blood+ - Chevalier
Volume: Novel 2
Pages: 256
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2008-04-13
Suggested retail price: $8.95
Age rating: 14+

SKU: DH-15172
ISBN-10: 1593079311 1593079311
ISBN-13: 9781593079314 9781593079314

Following the traces of Diva,​ the leader of the Chiroptera,​ Saya and her group make their way to Russia.​ But awaiting their arrival is Diva's powerful protector Chiroptera,​ "The Chevalier.​" In the middle of the battle against this new threat,​ Saya is told a horrible truth: "It is because you are one of us.​" Is Saya a human,​ or something more sinister.​..?

Features sixteen pages of illustrations by series character designer Chizu Hashii!

Written by Ryo Ikehata and Art by Chizu Hashii.​

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