Eden: It's an Endless World! (GN 10)

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Title: Eden: It's an Endless World!
Volume: GN 10
Pages: 232
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2008-04-30
Suggested retail price: $12.95
Age rating: 17+

SKU: DH10997
ISBN-10: 1593079575 1593079575
ISBN-13: 9781593079574 9781593079574

By 2112,​ the Closure Virus has already wiped out about one-third of the world's population,​ but it mutates again to infect not only people and living creatures - but inorganic matter as well.​ Dubbed the "Disclosure Virus,​" this new threat overruns several major cities,​ creating huge crystalline shapes with the matter it absorbs.​ With the world's economy also crumbling,​ the additional pressures send dominant political forces into desperate tailspins.​

Nomad sends agents to find Marihan,​ a minority leader who now holds important information about a terrorist network.​ Kenji is searching for her,​ too,​ feeling personally responsible for her safety - and running headlong into danger.​

In Peru,​ Elijah is now several years older,​ and he gets involved in yet another Propater fiasco.​ With his sister still captured,​ Propater gives him one more reason to seek bloody vengeance when an old friend is murdered.​

Story and art by Hiroki Endo.​

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