I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone (GN)

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Title: I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone
Volume: GN
Pages: 210
Distributor: 801 Media

Release date: 2007-11-01
Suggested retail price: $15.95
Age rating: 18+

SKU: AC-801IN01
ISBN-10: 1934129127 1934129127
ISBN-13: 9781934129128 9781934129128

Sakai Kazuya is a 23-year-old man in love. Unfortunately, the object of his affection is a lovely woman only interested in well-educated men. Sakai never finished high school and has been living off of his brawn, not his brains. So he enlists the help of her younger brother, Ezumi Masashi, to help him pass the high school entrance exam, his first step toward to becoming a well-educated man. Ezumi is happy to help, but his services come with a very steep fee. And Ezumi isn't interested in money, but has his sights on some of Sakai's other assets...

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