DNA² - Mutation (DVD 3)

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Title: DNA² - Mutation
Volume: DVD 3
Running time: 75
Distributor: Central Park Media

Release date: 2003-06-10
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 13+

SKU: USMD-2246
UPC: 719987224629 719987224629

Beautiful but bungling time traveler Karin Aoi accidentally transforms a high school loser into the super-charming Mega-Playboy, with disastrous results. The Mega-Playboy wreaks havoc throughout the school, wooing every female in his path.

Worse, Karin finds herself falling for her own flirtatious creation. If she cures him, she'll lose the only man she's ever loved, but if she doesn't, the Mega-Playboy will break the heart of every girl on Earth!

Contains episodes 7-9.

DVD Features: Creator Biography:Masakazu Katsura, Art &Sketch Galleries, Previews ?DNA2 Trailer

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