Karen (DVD)

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Title: Karen
Volume: DVD
Distributor: NuTech Digital

Release date: 2008-05-27
Suggested retail price: $15.99
Age rating: MA17

UPC: 064572156749 064572156749

A Violent, Shameful Test. The Ecstasy Of Tolerating The Humiliation. The importance of unity.

During the school soccer game, the cheering squad rebels against it captain, Ryo, and threatens to quit. To keep her squad together, Ryo accepts a challenge from her squad members. The first challenge is to keep cheering perfectly while having a vibrator turned on inside her the whole time. However, the challenges keep getting worse. Ryo is sexually assaulted by the cheerleading squad. She is forced to agree to a gangbang by the rugby team. Will Ryo be able to complete the challenges? Will she be able to keep the team together, and remain the captain?

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