Magic Knight Rayearth 2 - Dream (DVD 6 of 7)

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Title: Magic Knight Rayearth 2 - Dream
Volume: DVD 6 / 7
Running time: 100
Distributor: Media Blasters

Release date: 2003-03-25
Suggested retail price: $29.95
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 631595101171 631595101171

Nova is now after Lantis to cause havoc with Hikaru, and Eagle still hasn’t given up even. While the princesses of Chizeta and Fahren decide whether to continue the invasion, the crown is starting to change shape!

To make things worse, the girls must also face the forces from the three neighboring countries of Autozam, Chizeta, and Fahren – who all arrived at Cephiro to take over the throne of the Pillar! As the girls and the people of Cephiro do their best to find a Pillar that will lead Cephiro back to peace, Hikaru must also face Debonair and her mysterious daughter Nova, who claims she was born for Hikaru. While the three girls meet friends old and new, shadows of invaders start looming above the skies of Cephiro..

Level 41: Nova’s Battle, and the Monster’s Identity
Umi and Fuu continue fighting the monsters in the castle’s residential quarters. Hikaru chases after Nova, who had threatened to kill Lantis. Nova finds him with Eagle, and promptly attacks! Meanwhile, Umi and Fuu are struggling against the monsters, but they realize that the black sphere is taking in the children’s fear to create monsters…

Level 42: Giant Sang Yung versus the NSX!
Hikaru confesses her dreams concerning Nova and Debonair since she got back to Tokyo. Geo, worried by the loss of communication with Eagle, decides to attack. Just then, Aska’s Dome reappears! Seeing that the Run-Gods are not out to battle, Aska thinks that Fuu has been defeated and calls giant Sang Yung to protect her!

Level 43: The Crown Room and the Pillar’s Memory
Eagle escapes from his cell and searches the castle for a way into the crown room. Since Eagle has biological data on Lantis, the intruder searchers for him and his sword. Eagle finds Lantis interrogating Alcyone and the two confront each other. Lantis sets to attack when Hikaru suddenly jumps into the battle! Meanwhile, Clef’s rig and Lantis’ sword start to glimmer...

Level 44: A Serious Match – Umi vs Tarta & Tatra!
The crown starts to change shape as Hikaru and Eagle both safely enter the crown room. But which will become the new Pillar of Cephiro? Jut then, Tarta and Tatra of Chizeta arrive aboard the Bravada. Umi leaves Ascot to protect the castle and heads out. Tarta and Tatra challenge her to a personal duel. They tell Umi that if she wins they will stop their invasion of Cephiro.​..

Spoken Languages: English,​ Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

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