Can Can Bunny Extra - Lucky 7 (DVD 1 of 2)

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Title: Can Can Bunny Extra - Lucky 7
Volume: DVD 1 / 2
Running time: 90
Distributor: SoftCel Pictures

Release date: 2006-09-26
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 18+

UPC: 742617695926 742617695926

Get Lucky with one Gorgeous Goddess! Kenta's totally sexually frustrated and utterly hopeless! Not only is he completely dateless in real life, but he can't even manage to get it on with the girls in his computer dating sim. It doesn't help that he's constantly reminded of his pathetic situation by his roommate having obnoxiously loud sex down the hall. But Kenta is about to get lucky in more ways than one!

Taking pity on his situation, Suwatee, the beautiful Goddess of Happiness, bestows Kenta with the power of seduction. Now everywhere that he goes, his path is strewn with women who are ready and willing to jump in his bed! As the number of his conquests soar, both Suwatee and her voluptuous cousin Shuree are swept up by Kenta's charms. It's down to a match between two lovelorn goddesses and Kenta hasn't got a prayer!

Contains episodes 1-3.

DVD Features: Art Gallery, Outtakes, Original US Can Can Bunny Extra: Lucky 7 Trailer, Critical Mass Video Trailers, Scene Access.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles and on screen translations.

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