Oh My Goddess! (library ed.) - Wrong Number (GN 1)

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Title: Oh My Goddess! (library ed.) - Wrong Number
Volume: GN 1
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2002-01-01
Suggested retail price: $23.4
Age rating: 12 - 17 Years

ISBN-10: 0613552040 0613552040
ISBN-13: 9780613552042 9780613552042

At long last, the "lost" Oh Mh Goddess" stories are collected for the first time, in this new, remastered first volume of the popular manga series, the first of three new volumes that restore the complete Oh My Goddess storyline and fill in early details of this delightful, funny, and exciting tale of college student Keiichi Morisato, who accidentally dials the Goddess Technical Helpline and is delivered the living, breathing, literal goddess Belldandy...and one wish. When he jokingly asks for Belldandy to stay with him forever, he gets his wish, and one hilarious headache after another as Keiichi and his Goddess-out-of-water adjust to the inevitable clash of the Spiritual Plane and the Material World. Also includes material from the previously published 1-555-Goddess.

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