Naruto - Uncut Box Set 14 [Special Edition] (DVD)

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Title: Naruto - Uncut Box Set 14 [Special Edition]
Volume: DVD
Running time: 350
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2009-05-26
Suggested retail price: $69.97
Age rating: 16+

UPC: 782009239642 782009239642
ISBN-10: 1421529394 1421529394
ISBN-13: 9781421529394 9781421529394

The ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village are summoned on a mission to the Land of Stars, where a meteorite with incredible powers has been stolen! Naruto and the others begin to suspect it was an inside job when they learn that the ninja who stole the star used a special ninjutsu known only to the Star Village.

Then, Choji, Hinata, and Naruto set out for the Land of Greens to protect a group of merchants, one of whom turns out to be a princess! When Hinata is threatened by an evil ninja to reveal the princess's whereabouts or Naruto will be hurt, will she choose to save a princess or the boy she loves?!

This special edition includes a collectible "Mininja," Neji.

Contains episodes 178-191.

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