Tsubasa: Those With Wings (GN 1 of 3)

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Title: Tsubasa: Those With Wings
Volume: GN 1 / 3
Pages: 380
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2009-03-17
Suggested retail price: $14.99
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1427814287 1427814287
ISBN-13: 9781427814289 9781427814289

Kotobuki is an ex-thief trying to give up her criminal past in exchange for an honest life. Joined by former military commander Raimon, she has turned her illegal ways toward the exciting but simple adventures of finding a "normal" job. But people seeking the Tsubasa, a legendary object that grants its beholder any wish she or he wants, never stop causing them trouble. Everyone is trying to claim it as their own - and wants to use Kotobuki and Raimon's skills to do so!

Story and art by Natsuki Takuya.

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