S - A Love Bite (Novel 2)

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Title: S - A Love Bite
Volume: Novel 2
Pages: 250
Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing

Release date: 2008-08-26
Suggested retail price: $8.95
Age rating: 18+

SKU: DM07074
ISBN-10: 1569707073 1569707073
ISBN-13: 9781569707074 9781569707074

Shiba, a detective in the fifth anti-organized crime division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, a.k.a. "Anti-Gang 5," is on the handgun smuggling beat. The most important element of his investigations is the information gathering skills of his undercover informant S ("spy"). As S, the high-ranking yakuza Munechika is using his own body to gather information for Shiba.

Detective and spy. Their relationship is one in which they share the same fate, but it is also certainly a contradictory one. A twisted and vivid love story of men who live in solitude!

Written by Saki Aida and Illustrated by Chiharu Nara.

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