Magnos The Robot (DVD)

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Title: Magnos The Robot
Volume: DVD
Running time: 90
Distributor: Magna Pacific Home Entertainment

Release date: 2007-03-27
Suggested retail price: $5.99
Age rating: NR

UPC: 682515010226 682515010226

Earth's Future Freedom Is About To Be Decided!

Evil space creatures retreat from the treacherous Ice Age and hibernate on the ocean floor. They awaken millions of years later to conquer Earth! Only the ingenuity and resources of Sir Miles and his awesome robot creations have a chance at defeating them! He enlists world karate champion Janis to pilot the robot Magnon, and his daughter, Lady Ester Nevers, to pilot Magneta. When Janis and Lady Ester unite the two robots, Magnon and Magneta are transformed into Magnos, the ultimate power robot!

Will the might of the malevolent space aliens defeat Magnos? Or, will Magnos triumph over the evil forces and protect Earths freedom against future invaders? As suspense mounts, you'll discover what happens in this exciting adventure of humans and machines, good versus evil!

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