Revolutionary Girl Utena (OST)

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Title: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Volume: OST
Running time: 37
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2004-03-16
Suggested retail price: $14.98

UPC: 013023522626 013023522626

The surreal, apocalyptic world of rose brides, secret student councils, silhouette stage girls, high-stakes sword duels and revolutionary prince girls all come to life in the long-awaited 'Utena Original Soundtrack,' loaded with 36 tracks of unpredictable music that's unlike anything you've ever heard in an anime TV series.

Filled to disc capacity with whimsical violin pieces, elegant, sad piano solos and dramatic dueling choruses, this is one eclectic CD, featuring 11 vocal tracks and 25 instrumentals, including the unforgettably meaningful opening theme song, 'A Round Dance - Revolution' and the passionate ending song, 'Truth.'

Track Listing:

  1. Revolutionary Girl Overture
  2. A Round Dance - Revolution
  3. Subtitle
  4. Brightened Garden
  5. School Scarlet (Utena's theme)
  6. School Lyric
  7. Jump Up Beauty
  8. The Sigh of the Rose (Anthy's theme)
  9. She is Refined
  10. Her Tragedy
  11. Eros' Dance
  12. Heart's Dice
  13. Invisible Rose
  14. Reminiscence Paradise
  15. Death of Aphrodite
  16. Brightened Garden - Illusion
  17. A Person Who Shoots at the Sun
  18. Passionate
  19. The Memory of an Idea
  20. Legend: The God's Name is Abraxas
  21. Eye Catch
  22. Alien Kashira (A Silhouette Girl's Theme)
  23. The Revelation of Absolute Destiny
  24. Duelists
  25. Pray to Dios
  26. When Where Who Which
  27. Inside the Body of The Paleozoic Era
  28. Spira Mirabirisu Theater
  29. Angel creation, namely light
  30. Last Evolution
  31. A Sealed Spell
  32. No One Talks About It
  33. The Revelation of Absolute Destiny (Industrial mix)
  34. The Announcement of The Next Time
  35. Truth
  36. The Revelation of Absolute Destiny (Karaoke)

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