The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya [Hardcover] (Novel 5)

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Title: The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya [Hardcover]
Volume: Novel 5
Pages: 240
Distributor: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Release date: 2011-06-07
Suggested retail price: $14.99
Age rating: 16+

SKU: YS03882
ISBN-10: 0316038822 0316038822
ISBN-13: 9780316038829 9780316038829

What Haruhi wants, Haruhi gets! Stunning, brash, and completely clueless about her powers, Haruhi Suzumiya can make anything bend to her will. Although she doesn't know it, she's a goddess who has the ability to destroy the world - don't make her mad! Luckily, she has her SOS Brigade (a club comprised of her high school's most extraordinary students) to keep her happy.

This fifth volume features three short stories for Haruhi's every mood: an endless (never-ending) summer, a heated (overheated) competition with the computer club, and a ski trip getaway (with a dangerous blizzard!).

Written by Nagaru Tanigawa.

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