FLCL - Complete Collection [Classic] (DVD)

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Title: FLCL - Complete Collection [Classic]
Volume: DVD
Running time: 150
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2011-02-22
Suggested retail price: $39.98
Age rating: 14+

SKU: FN05240
UPC: 704400052408 704400052408

When the three powerhouse creators of Eden of the East, Gurren Laggan, and Neon Genesis Evangelion bumped heads, FLCL was the aftermath that changed the way anime is made forever.

Naota is a detached sixth-grader afflicted by the pangs of puberty. He's fooling around with his brother's ex-girlfriend when a crazed girl on a motor scooter runs him over, brains him with a bass guitar, and moves into his house. She says she's an alien, and hurls Naota into the middle of a mega-corporation's secret agenda. And now giant battling robots shoot from his skull when he has naughty thoughts. Like a Thomas Pynchon novel fueled by nitrous, with mind-bending animation and tunes that pleasantly rip through your cerebellum like a chainsaw, FLCL takes you on a trip you'll never forget.

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