Casshern Sins (DVD/R4 1 of 2)

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Title: Casshern Sins
Volume: DVD/R4 1 / 2
Running time: 300
Distributor: Siren Visual

Release date: 2011-01-21
Suggested retail price: $49.95
Age rating: M

The Ruin has arrived and all the robots living in this earth are slowly but surely dying. Humans have all but gone extinct themselves and the world is falling to its inescapable demise. And all of this is due to a being named Casshern and an act he performed which forever changed everything. Or so the rumours go. Trouble is, Casshern doesn't know what he is to begin with let alone what it was that he did which caused all the chaos. He is desperate to find the answer soon because also according to the rumours, he who devours Casshern will gain eternal life. And that's an enticing meal for mortal robots.

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